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How do you best lose weight from the thigh area?

I’ve recently noticed that I’ve got quite chubby thighs compared to the rest of my body, which is in pretty decent shape. So I was wondering, how best can I exercise and lose weight from my thigh muscles?

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4 Responses to “How do you best lose weight from the thigh area?”

  1. David said :

    don,t underestimate “chubby” thighs . they can be quite alluring to the male sex. any exercise will benefit you. as will losing weight; if you need to lose. i don,t know your age. many young women think they need to be thin to be attractive. not! example: 5,4″. 120 lbs. this weight is perfect! it,s amazing how many posts fit this category. many of the women think this is fat!

  2. Basketballmylife13 said :



    Stair Climbing

    — these may not make you lose thigh fat, but they make them look very toned and strong

  3. dyna gasperi said :

    Having a clean colon helps in weight loss by removing harmful toxins and waste leaving you with a clean and healthier body.
    Most people are carrying around pounds of fecal matter around. More info here

  4. Kate Bankston said :

    Dieting, for the most part, can make a person feel so deprived that he or she would end up cheating on the weight loss program that he or she is on.


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