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What is the best diet to lose weight just from the lower body?

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7 Responses to “What is the best diet to lose weight just from the lower body?”

  1. b97st said :

    You don’t lose weight from specific areas just by dieting, you need to exercise too. For the legs, the bike, treadmill and the cross trainer are good, for the stomach, any abdominal training such as crunchs and/or situps.

  2. stacey r said :

    you cant lose weight from just the area you would like! It comes off all over your body.How could a diet make you lose weight from just one area.Have you ever heard of the ‘loose weight from your thighs only diet’? Nope.

  3. Kelly W said :

    Lower body exercises. Elliptical machines, squats, leg lifts, running.

  4. Kimmer K said :

    You can’t.

    Your body will lose body fat from wherever it decides. Sometimes we like where the fat leaves, sometimes we don’t.

  5. runningsoul said :

    not possible to eat just for one part of the body…eating well and exercise help the whole body.

  6. bora_bora_22 said :

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  7. Brian W said :

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