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What determines where I will lose my weight from when dieting?

I’m afraid of my boobs becoming smaller. The area I really want to lose weight on is my thighs..

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4 Responses to “What determines where I will lose my weight from when dieting?”

  1. blizzake1979 said :

    My trainer told me that you will start losing weight in the problem area you last gained the most weight in. Don’t worry about your breasts, they won’t be affected much.

  2. KarasuMegami said :

    When you lose weight, you lose it evenly throughout your body, eg. you lose 10% of your thighs, you lose 10% of your boobs, etc. Also, your boobs are mostly made up of fatty tissue so if you decide you lose weight, you will lose some weight in your boobs.
    You can’t spot reduce without liposuction or a similar procedure.

  3. welsh kid123 said :

    I suggest doing toning exercises if you want to be specific… Lying on your side and lifting the top leg (E.g- right) up and down as many time as possible (10 is a good starting point) then switch sides. You could also go on your knees and forearms and lift each leg behind you.

    I found this video on youtube which hopefully will be quite useful to you >>

  4. Grant said :

    Sounds like you just need to kick start your metabolism. Try eating five or six times a day rather than two or three. But make the meals much smaller and make sure they are healthy. Or you could just try cutting down your portions and eating more fruits and veggies. There are also several different supplements that can assist you with weight loss. This site lists a couple that actually worked.


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