what is the best sports equipment that will help you lose weight fast?

dosent matter about the price, just what sports equipment would be the best to help you lose weight and get fit very fast, and also how would you do it (Running machine = 30 mins twice a day etc)
running machine, the vibration plates things, cycling etc. which one?

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9 Responses to “what is the best sports equipment that will help you lose weight fast?”

  1. branddxb said:

    try trampoline. you get mini-foldable ones too. (Check the reboundair site) 15 min (or 5 min of sprinting) on a tramp = 30 min on a treadmill. + a whole lot of other benefits


  2. mr. incognito! - step up front! said:

    prolly running machine, running shoes and skipping rope

  3. Aces high said:

    No sports equipment will do that without applying a controlled or well balanced diet

  4. timbers said:

    Q: “what is the best sports equipment that will help you lose weight fast?”

    A: It is the equipment that you will use on a regular basis. I witness people buying many different types of exercise eqiupment, only to let it collect just about as much dust as their bibles collect.

    I prefer the eliptical, although some prefer treadmills, cycles, and stair steppers.

  5. ramrod cowfins said:


  6. Jack R said:

    you should try a trampoline a girl at my old school used 2 b huge till her perance got a trampoline now shes skinny

  7. Visnu K said:

    wiifit board it certanly works

  8. jamiehall34 said:

    Running is the best exercise to bun calories.
    you burn 1 calorie per 1kg of body weight per 1km run.
    i.e if you weigh 100kg then you will burn 100 calaries per 1km (6 mins jogging).

    do a 30 min run a day around 5ish km you could be buring 500 calories.

    combine this with a resonable diet (cutting out snacks and alcohol) the weight should drop off.

    i lost a stone in 3 months by just cutting out beer and running 4 days a week.

  9. nikki18scotland said:

    Trampoline, 2 20mins sessions a day will work


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