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How do you lose fat around the lower-stomach area?

I am 5’2″, 16, and 140 pounds. My nurse tells me that I need to lose at least 10 pounds to be considered “normal” weight and I still have some far around my tummy. I do jump rope and leg lifts and I think that has been working. I also keep a food log and keep my food-intake as low-fat as possible. So is there anything more I can do?

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5 Responses to “How do you lose fat around the lower-stomach area?”

  1. tennislover said :

    you gotta burn it off…
    go for a jog
    go to the gym and do the treadmill

  2. Miro said :


    I can offer you a disputable topic. It is about Spot reduction – lose fats where you want.

    You can check it here:

    My opinion is that it works. Try this training.

    Good luck

  3. Han said :

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to lose fat off one place on your body (unless you have liposuction.. bleh) you have to lose weight all over. Your body chooses where your fat deposits go and where you will lose weight from.

    For example, I have a bit of a belly, but if I lose more weight then I lose weight off my boobs instead of stomach. So I’ve learnt to live with my bit of a belly 🙂

    Check out .. sounds like you are doing well, pretty healthy, but there are lots of great weight loss ideas there, and a place where you can count calories easily (just imput what you eat for the day, and it tells you how many calories are coming from fat, protein etc..). Sometimes even if you eat low fat food, you are still consuming too many calories from other food groups.

    Good luck!!!

  4. Sam E said :

    hey girly 🙂 i have some advice for you okay heres the thing you need to have cheerios for breakfast,and make sure you only have like 1 cup cuz its only 100 calories so and then before you eat run for an hour and then have what you want for lunch then eat somthing healthy for dinner( i eat cheerios bor breakfast, 1 slice of bread for lunch, and whatever my parents make me for dinner) then i do 500 curl ups with my 3 poun weights you could use some normal waterbottles and whenever your bored hey walk around do stuff jump, dance, skip anything and when your watching TV and you feel guilty for not doing anything wait till comercials, then do pushups sit ups anything but i suggest you buy a calorie calculater u clip it on your clothes and it tells you how many calories you burn that day and i only eat about 800 cal a day i just add that to 3,500 witch = 1 pound so 3,500+800=4,200 i think lol so i have to burn that many calories a day to lose 1 pound, at school join a team i do dance,basketball and kickball and its working out for me im proud of you be good!!!

    luvs ya

  5. Broken Pearls said :

    Ignore sammy.

    Wh wants to eat a slice of BREAD for dinner???

    I dont know about you, but not only des it sound un-appealing, but kindah un-healthy too.

    Instead, i think you should walk round your block everyday before breakfast, and walk quickly. (if you think about having food when you go back home its a good motivater) For breakfast, you can either have up to 4 pieces of fruit, or have 2 slices of toast with a SCRAPING of butter. Drink alot of water throughout the day too. For dinner, have a portion of tuna/chicken pasta, or a lettuce, tomatoe and ham sandwhich. After this main meal (about 1-2 hours later) have a piece of fruit. When you get home from work or school, eat some sort of fish, chicken etc with sweetcorn or carrots/peas.

    Ok as for exercise, as son as you wake up, do 25 (or more depending on how many you can do) sit ups. When you go downstairs, do that walk around the block i was telling you about. when you get back from work/school walk around the block again. Watch a tv programme you like that has commercials and in teh commercials, do as many pressups/sits ups you can. This over teh course of a few more months should help you lose that 10 pounds.


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