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How can a 13 year old girl lose weight around thighs and tummy?

I weigh about 120 and I’m not a very good eater to be honest. I would mostly like to lose weight around my thighs. But my tummy would be nice too. I would like to lose and keep off the weight by summer. I really just don’t know how to. I need dieting tips, and exercise ones. Any recommendations?

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12 Responses to “How can a 13 year old girl lose weight around thighs and tummy?”

  1. Jess said :

    your 13. seriously get over yourself! your fine.

  2. These Are Words said :

    You can’t lose weight in a certain spot.

    When you lose a few pounds, it’s all over.

    I honestly don’t think 120 is big, especially for a 13 year old, but it depends on your height.
    If you’re about 5 ft tall with a few inches, than the weight is pretty good.
    Maybe if you want to lose a few extra pounds it might not be too unhealthy, but losing too much isn’t good.

  3. P said :

    How tall are you? 120 pounds may be a good weight for your height. If you’re around 5 ft and about 3-6 inches, you don’t need to lose any weight. As for exercising, too many people think of it as something boring that we have to do just to lose weight. Try to think of little kids running around and having fun. Exercise can be fun, depending on what you do. For that area, I’d suggest trying out a weighted hula hoop. If you haven’t heard about them, you could look them up. They’re really great for losing weight around the tummy. You could also try jogging, either on the treadmill (providing you have one) or outside. There’s not really much to do in terms of exercise with the cold weather, though. You could join some kind of sport at school, if you like to be competitive.
    In terms of eating, if you usually find yourself snacking on chips or whatever, you should replace them with fruit or veggies with low-fat dip. They’re not that bad. Some really nice fruits (if you like sweets) are cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches or bananas. You could have little celery sticks with peanut butter on them, baby carrots, etc. You could try Special K cereal; that stuff is really yummy! For lunch, you could try homemade wraps with veggies, chicken and low-fat mayonnaise. For dinner you could try brown rice or whole-wheat pasta, turkey and broccoli. Just try to lay off on the sweets and fried food. If you eat healthy, you’ll feel better.

  4. Marlon said :

    Diet pill phentramin-d has the lowest side effects. I’ve used it for many years and I can recommend that it works. There’s no side effect in my case but for some it could be little sleeplessness during the first few days of use or dryness of the mouth. Else, it is safe to use, However, I’d still recommend you to check with your doctor.

  5. Factual52 said :

    here’s some things that may help you out…good luck.

    Without getting into a lot of complicated scenarios, let me give you a couple of simple tips.

    The first thing you need to remember is not to do anything drastic that will damage your health. Healthy weight loss is between 2-5 pounds per week. To accomplish this you need to burn more calories than you take in, this is accomplished by proper diet and exercise

    Watch your Fat Calories.
    Drastically cut back on Junk Food. (total elimination would be better)
    Exercise as often as possible and stay active more than you lay sit around try to Find a physical activity that you enjoy and do it often.
    Cut back on the coke’s/Sodas. these pack on pounds.

    Height and Weights for Teen Girls

    Age Range Height Weight Percentile
    12-13 years 60 – 63 inches 95 – 105 lbs 50%
    14-15 years 63 – 64 inches 105 – 115 lbs 50%
    16-17 years 64 inches 115 – 120 lbs 50%
    18-20 years 64 inches 125 – 130 lbs 50%

    Here’s some links to sites that were designed for people your age.……

  6. Tetro said :

    Well if you’re eating too much, the key is to do everyday activities that prevent from eating:
    1. Brush your teeth all the time – I hate to eat after I brush my teeth since food tastes disgusting.

    2. Sleep more – I tend to lose weight during summer because I wake up late and have a late breakfast giving me 3-4 hours until dinner.

    3. Use the toilet a lot – Drink lots of water so that you take frequent trips to the bathroom. Not only does this get rid of the food you eat more frequently, but it kills a good 40 mins if you have some great reading material (or take your laptop with you(?))

    4. The hardest one to do is to stay away from home – You eat the most when you’re at home. You have to think up reasons for why you want to stay away – parents arguing, its too cold, dont wanna work at home, etc.

  7. hassanjamil20 said :

    Lose weight no exercise and Pills needed
    Diane Kress,
    a registered dietitian and weight-loss specialist, has helped thousands
    with Metabolism B lose weight—and keep it off—with her revolutionary,
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  8. imbringingsexback said :

    just get involved in sports (:
    im not gonna lie i was fat when i was younger im in 9th grade and in 6th grade i went on weight watchers its easy you can still eat the food you but its more in small moderations. i think i lost abut 10 pounds on that alone which is good for being young and the sports deffinity helped. so…. thats my best advice or just eat moree veggies (:

  9. dancercat said :

    join a sports team or if you can’t just run or swim if u can. and even simple stuff like walking, jogging or even dancing can help (: and yeah in 6th grade I was real chubby, now I’m in 8th grade and weigh alot less than I did in 6th grade 😛
    hope I helped (:

  10. alicia said :

    i am big for my age (199)

  11. sarah said :

    you should try running every morning and finding something to do after school(i practice with our varsity tennis team). completely elliminate soda and fast food. don’t snack as much. everytime you walk in your room do 10 sit ups, right then. dont say your gonna do something then never do it. dont say im gonna jog tommorow, go run for 10 minutes. NOW. cut back on sodium and starch(they are BAD). hope that helps! i lost 5 lbs in 4 days, so good luck! 🙂

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