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How to gain muscle a lose fat quickly?

i want to be healthy at the same time but i’m kind impatient. i dont wanna do anything drastic but i would like to see some kind of results in a couple of days. i wanna get a firmer butt. (yes im a guy, 15) a muscular chest and arms and abs. i basically wanna look like an abercrombie model. i realize this will take some time.
i hope this isnt too much to ask but could someone please help me make a diet and exercise plan? Oh, and if its not too much trouble can you tell me how to do each exercise like how to stand/lay. Please be as specific as you can it would greatly aappreciated please help!

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9 Responses to “How to gain muscle a lose fat quickly?”

  1. icygurl259 said :


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  3. BitterOldBastard!!!!! said :

    nothing comes easy work on cardio to get cut up, a little more protein less carbs… genetics play a large part too,, look at your mom and dad and decide

  4. AZ said :

    You should go for long walks eat less eat apples and milk and carrots and run on a trend wheel and lift weights[dont go for 100kilos]so that!

  5. Feiscool said :

    Your first priority should be to eat healthy. This will give you healthy muscles, skin, and decrease calories and fat. Your second step should be to take Vitamins. Those will help keep your body strong and healthy. The last step is exercise. Sports, running, and going to the gym (and weightlifting) should be one of your most important. This will help build muscle while losing weight. Multi-Tasking

  6. abigailroseis said :

    No! not an abercrombie model! you should be lanky and lithe. If you’re not tall…then just work on getting lean muscles. That’s just me personally, I’m attracted to skinny guys. Okay, I’m a runner, and I love it. but I’m also a vegetarian so I don’t really build many muscles. You should eat more protien and run/ do at least 200 crunches every night. That was my old routine, now I just run or do sit-ups. It’s fun! Just eat the meat (ugh..) and crunches/running.

  7. Murad Q said :

    The best you for your to gain alot of muscle, and lose fat in a healthy natural way is to run everyday, do around two sets of 30 push ups, 5 kinds of set up for 1 minute each, like toe touches, bicycles, regular set ups crunches, butterfly setups. Do a alot of weight lifting, buy some 10 pound weights, and left on your arms making sure your back is straight. Do that everyday for about 2 weeks and you will see a lot of progress.

    I Wish You Luck

  8. Arce said :

    Working out your “core” area (around the abs area) does alot to your body. Crunches are a good way. Laying on your back with your knees bent towards your face but not too close then moving your head and shoulders in an upward motion to your legs. Don’t cheat yourself by using you hands to raise your head. V-ups are also a good way to workout. While laying on your back raise your feet in the air. Raise your hands and upper body up to touch your toes and back down. Doing the “superman” is also good. Lay on your stomach in a position like you are skydiving. Then at the same time raise your head, arms, and legs upward as far as you can then back down slowly. It’s tiring and hardwork but it works the body out quite a bit. For the glutes all I can really say is to squat a lot and do lunges. Lunges are one knee ont he ground the other knee up (like you are kneeling) and standing up every time. You can use the small hand dumbells to workout or holding a weight above your head.

    Hope any of this helps with some of your workout!

  9. cynthia m said :

    I like chicken! do u like chicken?
    Add ur answer to addtional details!


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