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How can I gain fat and lose muscle quickly?

I want to gain 50 pounds of fat and lose 20 pounds of muscle withing the next month. I hate going to the beach, because instead of fat on my stomach, It’s flat, except for these really weird huge rolling surface of my chest. Everyone points at me and says I looked “ripped” and it’s really embarrassing. I don’t want to go through that again, so please, how can I get some fat to cover up my weird thing the people call a “twelve-pack” really quick before I go to Miami?

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3 Responses to “How can I gain fat and lose muscle quickly?”

  1. Kelly Welly said :

    stop working out… this is really bizarre by the way. that’s like what every man wishes he looked like

  2. Clarence said :

    Weird. ^^

    Others do want to gain Muscles but you, you want to lose them. Haha.

    If you wanna have fats… Just EAT EAT and EAT…

    If you wanna lose fats… WALK, JOG, EXERCISE and WALK, JOG, EXERCISE. ^^

  3. i ♥ sarcasm said :

    Considering your previous questions on “healthy” diets and dating, I would say this question is a joke. Sorry. It’s such a shame that you self confidence level is so low that you need to ask this question, hoping that people will take you seriously and tell you how lucky you are.


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