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How can I lose weight quickly and gain muscle?

Hi, I’m a thirteen year old boy, I’m about 5’11 and I weigh about 145 pounds. I’m not really satisfied with my weight or muscle tone. I want to be healthier. I have a few friends that are really muscular and I want to look a little more like them. Can anyone name a few dieting, exercising, muscle toning tips please? Much Appreciated. 🙂

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9 Responses to “How can I lose weight quickly and gain muscle?”

  1. Bekah P said :

    Run on a treadmill.

  2. Mallory S said :

    lift and bulk up on protein
    some of my guy friends are on football they use GNC whey protein drink.
    I guess it helps a lot

  3. shikamo said :

    You need a good aerobic program. Start walking 1-5 miles a day or start jogging. If you want to build muscle, you’ll have to weight lift. If you want to build strength like a gymnast, then you need to lift weight with less reps but more weight. You seem about right for height and weight.

  4. Miranda R said :

    Don’t eat less, just watch what you eat. Less grease and meat and more vegetables, basically.

    Then just exercise. Since you’re a guy, you’ll gain muscle a lot faster. If you just run, do some ab exercises and some push ups and within a few months you’ll gain a lot of muscle.

  5. Rodeo64 said :

    A great program that is easy to follow and not too expensive either would be carb cycling/ training. You can find it all over the internet body builders use it. You will gain muscle and look bigger but wont put on a ton of fat-weight
    It works great

  6. cometcoins said :

    You’re only 13, strength training now would really stunt your growth. You’re just beginning to grow too, if you’re 5’11 now, you can be easily 6’2-6’4 when youre 18. I would highly suggest not strength training, but do alot of cardio. And when doing cardio, go for intensity and not duration. better to have your heart beating like crazy for a lap than to do 4 laps at walking pace.

    But wait, you’re only 145 and you’re 5’11, I think you’re fine, you’re actually on borderline of normal and underweight….

    However, if you want to go against my advice,
    check out the following link:

    and maybe this:

  7. Lazyeddie said :

    I’m trying to do the same thing! I’m 15 years, 6 feet, and 179 pounds.


    What I’m doing is eating 3 meals in a day and then a post dinner snack before I go to bed. I eat nothing else in a day except for those 4 dishes.

    Another thing to do is a half hour before your meal is to eat bread and drink a glass of water. Its supposed to make you less hungry. I found this method to be retarded.


    PUSH UPS!!!! I went to band camp last week. I did about 200 push ups al together and I came home with sore abdominal muscles (abs) If you want a 6 pack then drop and give me 20!!!!


    Great way to burn off calories and get some nice leg muscles

    Marching band:

    Call me a band geek after you see my killer calves!!!

  8. blownford427 said :

    I was like you when i was your age. the answer is to limit your fats and get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. also wait your body will naturally get rid of fat as you get older and taller. as the weight training goes try to stay away fro heavy weights tr some thing with less weight and more reps that will build muscle oh and if you belive you can lift more then go ahead you need to be able to do at least 15 reps with that weight

    hope this helps

  9. mansionghost said :

    have you tried this workout video? ?


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