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How can I lose the last 10lbs of belly feet and still gain muscle with skipping cardio?

I am doing a 5 day a week muscle training that is fairly extensive. I alternate between upper body one day and then lower body the next. The sessions last about 90 minutes which leaves me no real time for cardio. I am 5’7 and weigh 146 pounds. If I eat 1500 calories a day, making sure to get in 70 grams of protein, will I be able to gain muscle and lose the fat?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose the last 10lbs of belly feet and still gain muscle with skipping cardio?”

  1. Darius F said :

    You will but at a very slow rate, and the fact that fat is burnt off in the reverse order in which it is put on, you may not even start burning from your stomach first. Cardio is recommended to accelerate the fat burning process.

  2. silverbullet said :

    So when you’ve built up all your pretty muscles, how are they going to work if you’ve let the oxygen delivery system rot away from disuse?

  3. Left Bank Hook said :

    Here’s an idea, cut back on the time between sets. You’ll up your heart rate quite a bit more–and you MIGHT even have time to do 10-15 minutes of dedicated cardio at the back end of the session.

    I hate normal types of cardio too. But dropping the time between sets gets the blood pumping and the lungs breathing harder…which is what cardio is all about!

  4. totalhealthinterventions said :

    Uhhhhh. No. You need cardio to lose belly fat. I do mostly cardio and throw in some weight instead of doing a complete upper or lower session. I have noticed considerably more belly fat loss since I started doing more cardio and less weight. My advice is to up the cardio until you lose the belly fat and then go back to more weights as a maintenance program.


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