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How much weight should I lose, and how much weight loss would make a noticeable change?

I am 17 years old, 5’7″ and currently weight 171 pounds.

I carry most of my weight on my thighs, have a naturally flat stomach and wide hips.

My measurements at the moment are 38-29.5-41

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2 Responses to “How much weight should I lose, and how much weight loss would make a noticeable change?”

  1. joe714 said :

    i think about 10lbs.
    that’s when i noticed a difference when i was losing weight.
    especially on how your clothes fit.

  2. Duncan said :

    There have been many discussions over the years regarding the ideal weight measured against your height and bone structure.

    Personally, although I am no expert it must be said, I do not agree fully with that theory. There are lots of athletes out there that blow that theory totally out of the water, as two people can be the same height the same bone structure and weigh exactly the same but yet their bodies can look totally different.

    One person looking out of condition due to lack of exercise or poor diet and the other an athlete with a so called perfect body and diet.

    I feel sorry for all those people who are suffering to maintain their ideal weight, although I believe they should stay well away from the weight thing and concentrate more on how they look naked. People have to be honest with themselves when they look in the mirror, and asked themselves the question. Am I fat? If the answer is yes then they should avoid the scales, just put them away for now in a closet.

    This is all about losing fat content in our bodies and doing it safely, as the fat in your body is removed then your natural shape will come back into view for you and this in turn will show gradual weight loss.

    There are many ways to achieve this but please you have to be patient and search for something that will suit you, some groups have the weight watchers diet which I cannot get my head around. They insist on weighing you which goes against the grain for me, let alone soul destroying if you are not of a strong nature.

    Give yourself a chance and leave the scales alone, go and take a look at yourself today and do not tell me that the scales tell you something you did not already know.

    The Ideal Weight can only be your own idea, try and focus more on removing any excess Fat that your body is storing which after all is making you look out of shape. Concentrate on how you want to look and search for ways to do this, there are many products out there that can truly help. You may find this link interesting.


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