How should I change my exercise schedule to lose weight?

I have been using the elliptical trainer for over a year and haven’t lost much weight. I started out at 20minutes and am up to 45 witha tension of 8/9. I lift weights for 15-25 minutes 3 times a week also, and I do aerobic videos for @ 40 minutes on the days that I don’t go to the gym. What type of exercises should I alternate in and on what schedule? Am I just built for endurance and it takes a lot to make me lose weight? I keep my caloric intake around 1500 calories a day AND I am nursing. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “How should I change my exercise schedule to lose weight?”

  1. Carla S said:

    doesn’t sound like you are taking in enough calories. you need to up your intake and then you will lose. you are in starvation mode.

  2. rjdragon4 said:

    If you are nursing it may be that your body still thinks you are pregnant and if that is the case you have a chance that when you stop nursing your weight will start to drop. I said chance mind you, some women are never able to stabilize their weight after child birth. Cut out ALL sugar, if your body looses this source of “free” energy it will start to look to the fat cells for its jolt.

  3. adam p said:

    Hi,I think you should take a break till you stop nursing.Your are over stressing your body-your hormones are in turmoil and probably would like to strangle you.Chill out- you can still look a fox after everything calms down.


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