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What is the best diet to lose weight while doing little exercise (no time), and what is the eating schedule?

I need to lose 10–20 lbs and get very little exercise because of time constraints. I’ve heard about low-carb diets but know nothing about them. What is the best diet choice to lose weight and then to maintain my ideal weight?

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9 Responses to “What is the best diet to lose weight while doing little exercise (no time), and what is the eating schedule?”

  1. marina said :

    drink lotsssss of waterrrrrrr
    eat fruitssss anytime of the day..
    drink green tea it helps burn fat
    grape fruit does too
    do not eat after 6pm
    dont forget the 2litrs of water a day
    atleast 1hr of working out (cardio) everyday 7 days a week.. well 15kg in a month, u should workout an hr everyday,,,
    Ummm watelse.. eat a fist only of protein.. fish is the best… fish and veggies thats ofcourse lunch……

  2. Meghan said :

    eat 3lbs of gummi bears a day, and drink a ton of diet coke. I’ve lost 30 pounds this month

  3. lala said :

    Your biggest meal should be breakfast, your body needs the energy to metabolize fat for the rest of the day. Then keep proportions smaller and smaller throughout the day, do not eat after 6-7. all foods consumed then will be stored as fat and you mention not much time to exercise and burn it off. And water water water.

  4. computer boy said :

    eat normal not to much when eating don’t drink when finish drink(drink only if the food stack in ur neck)when eating dont lay down when finish eating don’t go for sleep go in 30 min-1 hour. 🙂

  5. gretta said :

    If you don’t couple a decent diet with exercising, you won’t lose weight. Unless you just don’t eat anything, but then skin gets saggy, face looks haggard and old. Not nice.
    Sensible eating and exercise are the golden combo, my friend.

  6. Amethyst said :

    You’ll achieve your goal of losing 10-20 lbs. thru a well balanced diet (80% alkaline foods meaning fruits/vegetables and 20% acidic foods daily), regular exercise (three/four times weekly 30 minutes each while watching TV at home), and drinking a sufficient amount of water daily. By sufficient amount of water daily means: Divide your weight in lbs. by 2; Substitute ounces instead of lbs. when you get the answer. The answer is the number of ounces of water that your body requires daily to lose weight (i.e., if your weigh 128 lbs., you will have to drink 64 ounces or 8 glasses of water daily).
    However, I’ll go one step further to show you the best and safest way to lose weight so that your entire system will achieve a balanced pH and not be depleted of the essential minerals that it needs. Here’s why. As the typical American diet is mainly acidic, except for most fruits and vegetables, it is close to impossible for our body to attain the alkaline levels that spells good health without the proper nutrients. This being the case, it is very difficult to lose weight unless you monitor closely your body’s pH. Let me explain.

    An acid pH has considerable influence over the majority of weight problems, including Diabetes and Obesity. It seems that a habitually acid pH can directly cause immediate weight gain. Here’s what happens when a system is too acid. A condition known as Insulin Sensitivity or Syndrome X results, which forces too much insulin to be produced, and the body is flooded with insulin so that it won’t waste any calories, it diligently converts every calorie it can into fat.

    It is thought that an acid pH immediately signals the powerful genetic response to an impending famine, directly interacting with the all important and very sensitive, Insulin- Glucagons Axis. This makes the body produce more insulin than usual, and in turn, produce more fat and store it. In general, the more insulin is available to the body, the higher the probability that fat will be produced and stored, rather than used and burned as energy.

    Thus, an acid pH will probably alert the genetic response to famine, directing more insulin to be produced and storing more fat than usual. Conversely, a healthy, slightly alkaline pH, will be more likely to yield normal fat burning metabolic activity, making no demands on the body to overly produce insulin and make fat, allowing fat-weight to be burned and naturally lost. And, with a healthy pH, there’s less likely to be any yo-yo effect, or rebounding from a diet with additional weight gain. As long as nutritional stores are maintained, a healthy, slightly alkaline pH allows fat to burn normally for energy, rather than being hoarded under the mistaken biochemical belief of an impending famine.

    The best way, though, to drink 8 glass of water daily is to mix it with Xtreme X2O, a natural and organic, coral calcium with 70 trace minerals, which transforms the pH of the water beverage to 9.9 (highly alkaline)!

    You may ask why not just drink plain water? The answer is: When you drink lots of water, all of 8 glasses daily, it does not have the essential minerals (calcium, magnesium with 70 trace minerals) that your body needs to elevate its pH and therefore, alkalize your body as the pH of plain water is rather low and very acidic (pH < 7.0). Additionally, our body cannot manufacture any of these essential minerals so you’ll have to ingest it from an outside source. If you take any form of supplements in tablet or capsule form, they are at best only 10%-20% absorbed by our body (check the color of your urine: if it is bright yellow, your supplements are going down the drain as well. That’s why they call it ”expensive urine”). I had to learn this the hard way, more than a decade long. Upon taking X2O, you’ll notice your urine is light, light yellow in color, meaning the minerals are fully absorbed by your body, not going down to drain. Remember, "Alkalinity" equals Oxygen and Oxygen = Good Health. If you would like to know what your pH level is, let me know. For more info, check this site: http://www.xoomaworldwide/alkalizewithx2o

  7. FaB said :

    just drink alot of water everyday and drink water before and after eating a meal

  8. sneakytrickster said :

    you can make time for 30 minutes of exercise a day

  9. tmwoard said :

    The diet I followed is called Shapeworks. I lost 95 lbs in 8 months and did no exercise at all. I am a football coach, so I have no time for exercise or eating right for all that matters. That is why this plan worked so well for me. Here is where I got it from:


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