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How Can I go on a diet and Lose weight when I have a tight schedule and have chocolate cravings all the time ?

How Can I go on a diet and exercise and Lose weight when I have a tight schedule and have chocolate cravings all the time ?
I work from 7 am and I dont get back home till 6 pm, so how Do i incorporate exercise in my routine ?
And i crave for chocolates and sweet stuff all the time, how can i lose weight ?

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8 Responses to “How Can I go on a diet and Lose weight when I have a tight schedule and have chocolate cravings all the time ?”

  1. angie b said :

    you can try weight watchers they actually have really good candies and chocalates that are only 1 pt. and their meals are relly good too.

  2. Lela S said :

    You just need to create order in your life, and make space for yourself. If you had a plan, you could make it happen. That’s what I do for people, I help them make the plan that makes the difference in their lives!
    Cravings for chocolates usually means there is something missing in your diet!

    Lela Simon
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    IIN Health Counselor

  3. Ty said :

    You will have to go cold turkey on the chocolate. And as for the exercise, purchase yourself a treadmill or go running after work, it will allow a good nights sleep afterwards. But I did find when I was trying to get id of the shitty things in my diet if I ate more fruit (particularly bananas) it would lessen the cravings. Also try replacing yogurts for chocolates!!

  4. ashleyannx21 said :

    Try protein bars for your chocolate cravings… there are two kinds by Luna, “Nutz Over Chocolate” and “Pecan Pie”… they both taste great, they’re 180 calories and very filling…

  5. LaNi said :


    For the cravings you can try Snack Defense, it works well.
    If you are serious about wanting to lose weight and get yourself healthy you can take a look at my profile, I use Herbalife products. I can tell you that I really love them and they work well and quick!

    And, I love that it’s designed so that I don’t feel hungry, who’s going to stick to something if they want to eat all the time ya know!

    In part, it’s not so much about weight sometimes as it is shape. Try to gain lean body mass. That is important for body shape. I use the Shapeworks program and I really enjoy it. It’s simple, easy, delicious and nutrition and gives me –overall- good health-! It works with all kind of weight issues -lose/gain/maintain- as well as to reshape your body with the main benefit of getting you healthy and good overall health and nutrition! Also, it’s purpose is to help you gain good lean body mass.

    When you use Shapeworks it gives you a plan of calories and protein for your diet. It gives you a specific plan for your body’s personal needs. You don’t have to count them but it makes you aware of them! It’s really very simple.

    Whatever you choose make sure it’s right for you, and good to your body!

    I can also tell you that it’s given me a lot of good solid energy, NO JITTERS- I hate that! I feel so great! As I said I do take them personally, I’m not trying to solicit anyone, just sharing my experience!

    Shapeworks is like the ultimate convenience in weight loss. Simple & Easy with a lot of really good overall health properties & benefits!!

    Here are some FYI TIPS, you may find useful!

    ***WATER: WATER is VERY important! You should drink an extra 8oz, for every 20-25 pounds you want to lose on top of the regular amount of 8 glasses you should drink daily. If you are exercising you’ll need to increase this!
    H3O is really good for hydration-yes, H3O, you can find it through my profile.

    ***To lose weight more efficiently and effectively, stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime. This allows your body to become a fat burning machine throughout the night, instead of trying to process what you’ve just eaten. That feeling in your belly (of hunger), is the body going into to fat burning mode, you want that! That is the key to the ignition so to speak!

    ***COOL DOWN: Cooling down, having a cool down session after working out prevents blood pulling to occur, which cause you to be more sore. Walking around or stretching ~10-15 minutes should be sufficient! 😀

    ***FOR EXERCISES: Try 20-45mins (whatever you can do) of some cardio of your choice. Maybe running/jogging, dancing, bike, etc. (yes dancing can be great cardio- just throw on some favorite music and let it rip! Its fun and you control it! :-D) Best time to exercises is the morning, first thing! Just GET/BE/STAY ACTIVE this is really good and important for a healthy body!

    ***Make sure you have enough and proper protein in your diet! This is important!

    ***Look for inch loss, which is a wonderful thing. Sometimes you lose in inches and not actual weight. Take you measurements and pay attention to how your clothes fit you! That is a really good indicator that something’s happening!

    ***Strength training is also good! But, be careful and don’t over do it. Too much can make you gain weight in bulk muscle; muscle weighs more that fat!

    ***Take a look at
    Go to the Activity Calculator, and you can find out according to your specific age, gender, height and weight, how many calories you burn doing all kinds of activities! It’s cool & simple, I like the site! 😀

    -It’s good to have and try a variety of foods you like and enjoy. You want to keep it interesting for yourself so that you can stay the course instead of fall off due to boredom Food is a vast world, it’s great and it can be an adventure. Be creative with it! You can find that ‘healthy’ can be it’s own tempting delicious place!!

    – Do your best to eat healthy, healthy foods or just healthier. If you have not got to that point yet, look at the Garden 7, it gives you the benefits of 7 fruits and vegetables. It’s really good for everyone but especially for like fast fooders who aren’t getting good proper nutrition!

    P.S. I think you should be able to eat and eat good foods, but remember, MODERATION is key, don’t do it all the time! Often/occasionally is better than always/daily!
    -Don’t fool yourself though with the one day won’t hurt because next thing you know one day will be two and can lead to daily!

    Good Luck to you! I wish you all the best! Hope this helps!

  6. grooveyish said :

    If you google “excersises you can do at your desk” you can get some ideas like this one

    Also take a fast paced walk at your lunch and break time. If you have to use an elevator use the stairs instead. When you park in a parking lot park as far as possible.

    As far as the cravings have you tried a “B” supplement?

  7. Lindsey S said :

    hi hun, I have tried everything to lose weight. It’s up to you and your diet and exercising. I have tried all sorts of diet pills and the best is proactol at – It’s an all natural supplement that works as a fat absorber and appetite suppressant. Both features work great and are noticeable after some time put in exercising and eating right.

  8. Bart G said :

    Chocolate isn’t all bad! If you have the right chocolate….


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