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What should I change my diet to to lose weight?

In the last year I have put on so much weight from eating junk food. So I need to change what I eat. What would you guys reccomend that I have for my meals in the day. Also bear in mind where I work it has a diner but only has fatty foods which I don’t want to eat any more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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6 Responses to “What should I change my diet to to lose weight?”

  1. Lily H said :

    weetabix or some other healthy breakfast, pasta or ham salad for lunch, meat and steamed veg for tea. cut down the carbs and fatty foods – increase the veg – and you will loose weight.

  2. xMasqueradeAngelx said :

    For me -on a normal daily basis- I have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch or for lunch I have a salad wrap (just lettuce and chicken). Then I have a well balanced dinner which depends on entirely what food you like, and don’t have dessert unless it may be once a week. On drinks, try to have a smoothie in the day which contains portions of your five a day (I make my own which have banana, a handful of strawberries, a yogurt -which counts as a single fruit portion- and milk,) which is really healthy it’s 3 of my 5 a day and you know exactly what your drinking.

    Other than that try a bit of exercise too, just a gentle jog for half an hour or something a day really helps lose weight too. I hope this helps and good luck! xx

  3. chef1959 said :

    You need to cut out processed foods like breads (anything made from white flour including pasta) and raw cane sugar(all sweets). These foods makes us fat and leave us hungry for more. No fast food, junk food, soda pop, ketchup, mayo etc…It’s hard the first week and then you won’t even crave junk food plus you’ll feel so much better & energetic.
    Eat fish, chicken, tuna, eggs, brown rice (1 cup) w/ veggies & salads. (salad dressing should be 1 tbsp olive oil w/ vinegar or fresh lemon squeezed) a bit of salt & pepper.
    Eat fruits. Snack on carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, cantalope (low sugar fruits).
    If you want juice; make fresh fruit juice instead of the ones at the grocery store. Make veggie juices too…they are so good & healthy. You can google for veggie juice recipes.
    If you feel like having a nut have some almonds (15 of them) or walnuts (15 halves) or 1/4 c. of sunflower seeds. You have to watch the portions bc if you eat too much it turns to fat.

    Exercise: Cardio like jogging, swim laps, fast pace walk, dance classes, running up & down the stairs, jump rope, volleyball whatever you like the best 5 xs a week 30-45 min. has a calorie counter, fitness tracker & exercise videos you may like this site.

    Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily
    Take a multi-vitamin daily
    “Prepare” meals ahead of time so you’ll always have healthy meals prepared. You WILL lose weight/fat if you “commit” to this.

  4. me!!duh said :

    i don’t really know but u shouldn’t be on a diet because their might be some food u would like and i guess u should just:
    .eat healthy food
    .drink some green tea
    and u should once in a while eat a regular food
    anyways hope this helps u! 🙂

  5. supergoose said :

    pretty much: don’t eat shi- and move around = weight loss.

    Substitute Subway sandwiches for Taco Bell. Drink diet soda or water instead of soda and that alone would do wonders. I’d recommend taking a pre-made lunch to work, probably takes 10 min to make but you’d gain $$ and lose weight. Some good foods to eat are chicken, tuna, refried beans and pretty much anything that God made (veggies, fruit, etc). Diets are bs.

    Exercise is a must. Start off slow if you have to, taking walks around the block. After a while you will build up endurance and than you can start jogging. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. If you can force yourself and discipline yourself to stick to it, it will become easier and easier because it will become more of a habit and something you even look forward to doing.

    It really comes down to desire, choice, and discipline. Because if someone really wants to lose weight, it will happen. It’s not a mystery, it’s more like a math equation with an absolute solution. It’s just a matter of sticking to the equation.

    Also, don’t be frustrated if you don’t see results right away. There is a delay on gaining and losing weight. When I first started I was eating good and working out for like a month and still was fat but then all of a sudden it kicked in and my gut disappeared.

  6. Joe said :

    You should check out this lens it got some great tips and reviews.

    Good Luck!


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