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How much should I exercise to lose weight?

I need to lose 50 pounds but would love to lose more like 60-70 pounds to get to what I think is my ideal weight. How much exercise should I be getting and how often? I’ve committed myself to 3 days a week at the gym doing 45 minutes of cardio but I’m sure more would be better…right?

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11 Responses to “How much should I exercise to lose weight?”

  1. Maria f said :

    you should try slim fast.
    or jenny criag.

    but seriously, there is a great websit you should use:


  2. Craig_Genius said :

    Making a few small shifts in habits and routines may help you to achieve your weight loss and diet goals. It’s not just exercise, try all things possible that is safe.

  3. Hailey Evans said :

    Hi SamiGirl! It would help if you increase your intensity, and decrease your time.30-40 minutes of warming is already good and enough time for 8-10 sets with a 2 min. rest between sets. Staying in the gym for quite a long time can lose your focus and you’ll definitely not gonna have things done. It is not advisable to combine your lifting and your cardio, have it separated by a day. This can absolutely give you best results.

    I have also provided you a schedule on how to do it correctly every week..Enjoy!
    Tueasday:Cardio Workout: Steady Pace
    Thursday:Cardio Workout: Steady Pace
    Saturday:Cardio Workout: Steady Pace
    Sunday: Off

  4. Ant Boogie™ said :

    45 mins is too much too soon. 3 days of 30 mins would be better because of bodies are highly adaptive to cardio.

    Remember that cardio is the least effective of the 3-prong attack we should apply to shed our fat.

    1) diet (80% of it)
    2) weights (10-15%)
    3) cardio (5-10%)

    Why is cardio so ineffective? Lets look at the math. Lets say you do 1 HOUR of cardio and burn 400 calories. there are 3500 calories in 1 lbs of fat. so divide 3500/400 and you get approximately 8 hours. That is 8 days of 1 hour cardio sessions. So 8 days x 50 = 400 days. So over one year to lose 50 lbs and 560 days to lose 70lbs. It’s doable just not a good way to maximize your time.

  5. Robert said :

    I would alternate cardio and weight training.
    60 to 120 minutes of cardio would be better
    The heavier you weight train the more muscle you will gain.
    I would get a workout with 10 exercises at most and 15 repetitions per set and 2 sets at most.
    You also need to control your diet. Diet will cause you to lose weight. Exercise will cause your weight loss be mostly fat.

  6. No.1 Stunna said :

    I’m sorry, I’m just curious about your answer to my question. What happened with your ex? Did he ever explain why it wasn’t you? Was it more circumstances than anything?

  7. Michael said :


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  8. Tetro said :

    Well if you’re eating too much, the key is to do everyday activities that prevent from eating:
    1. Brush your teeth all the time – I hate to eat after I brush my teeth since food tastes disgusting.

    2. Sleep more – I tend to lose weight during summer because I wake up late and have a late breakfast giving me 3-4 hours until dinner.

    3. Use the toilet a lot – Drink lots of water so that you take frequent trips to the bathroom. Not only does this get rid of the food you eat more frequently, but it kills a good 40 mins if you have some great reading material (or take your laptop with you(?))

    4. The hardest one to do is to stay away from home – You eat the most when you’re at home. You have to think up reasons for why you want to stay away – parents arguing, its too cold, dont wanna work at home, etc.

  9. Joe said :

    As much as possible. Here’s some tips. You got to at least do some warm up exercises before you get into any heavy stuff. Let your body muscles get used to some exercises. If you are unable to focus, then just stick to some simple exercises to make yourself flexible. First get your fats out of your body. For that I’d recommend any good diet pill like phentramin-d. Use it, lose weight and take control over your appetite. Once you lose enough weight, prepare for building on muscles. You can try heavy exercises then. Read some reviews and product details on diet pill:

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