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How much weight does someone have to lose in order for it to be noticeable?

I lost 3 lbs and I was wondering if this would be noticeable to anyone. How much will I have to lose in order for people to notice that I lost weight?

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5 Responses to “How much weight does someone have to lose in order for it to be noticeable?”

  1. Amateras said :

    Hi !

    That depends on how much you weigh right now.

    If you small, then 10lbs.
    If you are large, then 15lbs.

  2. Vampire Princess said :

    Well it depends if the fat shows like on areas as ur but, belly or thighs that would be noticeable & losing weight when your overweight is noticeable too.

  3. Jeff of the 140 IQ ;-) said :

    It depends on a couple of factors: How much fat you’ve lost and how much muscles you’ve gained (if you are exercising). As new muscle-mass appears, it is more dense than fat. So you can actually add weight and look thinner. But normally, depending on your height, build, and the way you dress, it can be just a few pounds to as much as 20. 5-10 pounds would show on most people.

  4. sucky said :

    i’d say about 15 pounds..everyone will notice you look thinner. but very observant people can probably see when someone has lost 5 pounds.

  5. Imaka said :

    It depends on how heavy you are, but 3 pounds is not noticeable on most people. Probably a loss of 10 pounds might be noticeable.


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