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How much should I drink I to lose weight quickly?

I know that eight glasses (64 ounces) is the required amount of water regularly. But how much more should I drink?

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3 Responses to “How much should I drink I to lose weight quickly?”

  1. redunicorn said :

    Eight ounces is enough. You might want to put some fiber in your diet to lose solids.

  2. wizard said :

    You should Drink as much Alcohol as Humanly Possible Until you have no money left, That way your cant buy food there for you will lose weight quickly as possible.

  3. bubbahenson said :

    there is no real way to loose weight “quickly.”
    drinking 8 glasses of water daily exercising eating healthy, and exerciseing atleast 30 min. a day will help about.
    I’m a health teacher, and it’s not healthy to lose more than 2-3 pounds a week.

    good luck!!!!!!!!!


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