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what you should eat and drink to lose weight fast?

i know that you should eat healthy food and drink alot of water,but i really need more info.can you please tell what kind of food or dinki can eat to lose weight faster? preety please and thanks you.

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5 Responses to “what you should eat and drink to lose weight fast?”

  1. p1234556789123 said :

    nothing but realy nothin wi fat in

  2. SARAH♥ said :

    eat low fat granola, a handful of almonds, 100 calorie packs snacks, fruits, veges, peanut butter, sliced turkey meat (like in the packages) chicken, turkey burgers, eat some cheese for calcium, but not much because of the fat content, 100 cal yogurts,vinaigrette’s on salads, not creamy ones like ranch, whole wheat bread,mustard instead of mayo, use spray butter instead of normal butter or use margarine, eat salmon and tuna
    eat in moderation
    drink water or herbal teas

  3. gogo said :

    celery. it has a negitive amount of calories so it burns your calories. Green tea.
    good luck =)

  4. KillerMarshmallows said :

    Don’t eat carbs after 6 o clock
    Water water and MORE WATER!

    Balanced diet!
    Look at a food pyramid like this one for serving amounts etc:

    Good Luck! x

  5. XxAngelicAngelxX said :

    Here is wat you can do. Well first off make sure to stay active! But for to start off I say some drinks, you could have any kind of water, diet pop, tea, coffee, Crystal light or wrigers light, etc

    for food healthy things to eat is suchs things lyk….

    Lean turkey or chicken slices (pkged ), boneless skinless chicken breasts, boneless ham, whole wheat bread, cereals (lyk
    corn flakes, fiber one, oatbran, cream of wheat, shredded wheat, total, oat meal, special K), soaps (progresso light, campbells lower sodium tomato soap etc), just make sure to watch teh sodium on certain soaps! …make sure to eat lots of veggies and fruits, good fiber! (from such things lyk beans, high fiber breads, ) even some food now they added fiber too it (lyk motts sugarfree apple sauce), anything thats lower in fat, higher in protein and fiber which keeps you full longer, make sure to stay hidrated though! oh! btw green tea is said to up your motabloizm which is the thing in your body that burns calories, so try that if you lyk tea. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me! 😀

    Hope that helps an good luck on ur diet


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