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what types of foods should a female eat to lose weight quickly?

how many time a day should a female eat these types of foods and how often

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One Response to “what types of foods should a female eat to lose weight quickly?”

  1. CJ said :

    You must reduce the amount of carbs you eat and increase fat and protein. Cut out all processed foods, bread, rice, pasta, soft drinks, candy, milk and fruit.
    You can eat unlimited amounts of meat and also generous servings of butter, cream and cheese. As many eggs as you please and take in minimum 2litres of water per day. Vegetables must be kept to 2 cups per day and NO carrots, peas, potatoes, corn or pumpkin – too high in carbs.
    Absolutely no sugar allowed as this will interfere with burning fat for energy.

    This is the Atkins diet and it WORKS. The first few days will be hard, then as your body switches from burning glucose to fat (yes your OWN fat!) your appetite will diminish.
    I told 2 colleagues about this and they have lost so much weight over the past few weeks and feel much healthier eating real food and not processed, sugary junk. I am only small and I lost 3.5kg in 1 week. Ive been eating like this for 5 months and love it.
    Check out the atkins website

    I wish you luck xx


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