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How much weight can I reasonably lose in 4 months?

I am going on a trip to spain in 4 months and want to lose weight. (I always have this is just an incentive)
Im 16 and 5’8 and 195. How much weight do you think I can reasonably lose in 4 months, I desperately want to. Please help.

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13 Responses to “How much weight can I reasonably lose in 4 months?”

  1. CharrelLouisBotonFucciMangoste said :

    four pounds

  2. Alessandra S said :

    maybe about 35 pounds if you work hard.

  3. Simon D said :

    It depends on you.
    I think you can lose about 2-4 pounds a week
    Eat right, exercise, and be confident =)
    Just put your mind to it and you can lose the amount you want

  4. brittle said :

    It’s not healthy to lose more than 2-3 pounds per week. So 32-48ish should be the most

  5. d p said :

    10 – 12 pounds

  6. Dragon said :

    Hi Dear

    About 30 lbs that would be healthy to loose by Balanced diet and exercise

  7. Brookey said :

    On average to lose weight healthily you should lose 1-2 lbs a week! Good luck and have a wonderful trip!!!

  8. pinkdolphinbubbles said :

    up to 48lbs. That is 3lbs a week. You can do it! Walk a lot- 10 hours a week, eat lots of raw vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Goodluck!

  9. Shanna S said :

    well depends what u will be doing during those 4months to lose weight….if you do a good 20min of core trainging (that consists of pushups…situps) and run lets say like 3 times a week…and eat SOMEWHAT healthier…doesnt mean starve yourself cuz your body will only store the fat…making it harder to lose the weight…just a lil less junk food and replace it with some good fruit or something theres a really good smoothie i have every morning that really fills me up and also satisfys my quench for wanting something that is sweet

    its the very banana smoothie…

    3 leafs of kale…add more as u get use to the rich taste

    5 dates

    a cup of very vanilla soymilk

    2 bananas

    it sounds way gross but if you like bananas and like the taste of vanilla icecream shakes then u will love this smoothie…it looks gross but its wayy way good, and it makes u really full…i weighed 115 before my track season last year and i started drinking this and i got down to 106…i had to stop drinking them cuz they would fill me up so much and i was never hungry enough to eat dinner n stuff and i had to gain back some weight…but this i wld say is worth a shot and it puts u in a great mood and makes ur skin look even healthy…sounds unbelievable…i didnt believe it til i tried it

    good luck

  10. jeff said :

    the question isn’t how much can i lose. it’s how can i lose more? here is the answer to that: avoid sugar, bread, dairy products, poultry. use a macrobiotic diet: 40 – 50% grains: brown rice, wild rice, barley, oat meal. 30% colorful vegetables: baby carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, greens, spinach,… 10% fruit: strawberries, blueberries, watermelon,… 10 – 20% protein: lean beef, fish – white fish & salmon. walk or ride a stationary bike at a fixed resistance at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. work your upper body to build muscle mass it will help reduce the chance of regaining the weight you lost by increasing you metabolism. pull ups, push ups, over head lifts, basically focus on back, chest and shoulders. you don’t have enough testosterone to build bulky man muscles so don’t even worry about that. you will notice your upper body looks tone and leaner. a good thing. yes?

  11. Rodozy Y said :

    well 4 months is really long time. You can lose weight. You can lose weight but maintaining is really hard.

  12. Penni R said :

    Slow weight loss means its slow to go back ,on which is what you want .but if you need alittle help i found this fantastic.

  13. BIGITALIANGUY said :

    Im telling you right now….you can lose 9lbs every 11 days….Just check out the website listed below!!!


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