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How much weight can i lose if i exercise 3 hours everyday for 2 months?

Well i am subscribed to a gym and i want to lose weight before i go back to school. I go everyday and exercise about 3-5 hours. I do every kind of exercise for every part of the body. I also go to some dance class that they have there for 1 hour. I want to lose like 30 pounds. Is it possible to lose that in 2 months?

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4 Responses to “How much weight can i lose if i exercise 3 hours everyday for 2 months?”

  1. C. Howe said :


    Make sure your diet is appropriate, though.

  2. Anna said :

    Exercising that much is unhealthy for you. There is no way your body is going to be able to keep up.

    Don’t be an idiot about losing weight – there is no quick fix. Exercise a reasonable amount, and eat right, and you’ll lose weight. It’s simple math.

  3. nomorebelly said :

    hi lala,

    i lost 40 pounds using a program called turbulence training that i found at

    in the first 3 weeks i lost a little over 10 pounds and what i love the most about it is that is that you workout 3 times a week in the gym or home gym and then on the other days you can go for a walk or a light jog or something and the workouts are short but intense.

    you should definitely try it!

    good luck :))

  4. Tosha Kilimnik said :

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