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How much weight can i loose on slimming world in 2 months?

Hi everyone
i’m starting the slimming world diet tomorrow
i know no-one can really tell but roughly how much weight do you think i’d be able to loose in two months? I’m going to be doing regular exercise too as i’m going holiday in july and need to get some of this weight off!
I’m 18, size 18 and weigh 15 stone
Also if anyone has any tips about this diet it would be much appreciated 🙂

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2 Responses to “How much weight can i loose on slimming world in 2 months?”

  1. trudy b said :

    i tried it and i lost 15 in two months. they bigger you are the more you loose.

  2. Misty said :

    In 14 weeks I have lost 2 stone and 10 pounds on Slimming world, Im aiming for 5 stone by the end of August.

    I would say you could lose at least a stone to a stone and a half.

    Im on the extra easy plan.

    Good Luck!!


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