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Anyone know how much slimming world classes are?

I want to lose weight and am wondering whether to do weight watchers or slimming world and obviously price is important! I can’t find how much the classes are on their websites so wondered if anyone out there knows and also which to choose??
I want to lose about 1.5 stones and I eat home cooked, not pre packed food and love cooking so pleeeease tell me what you think!
Thanks xxx

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6 Responses to “Anyone know how much slimming world classes are?”

  1. Ean said :

    Did you know that excess weight is not always due to excess body fat? There can be a great deal of additional weight simply sitting around in your colon. The latest diet supplement can flush out your colon and help you to lose as much as twenty pounds, very often from your tummy (show me a person who doesn’t wish to lose some inches from their tummy LOL!!). There is a risk free trial on offer at**http%3a// I have been using it for 3 weeks now and it is certainly having an effect!!

  2. Laura said :

    hi, i dont know how much WW is, SW is £4.95 plus £10 i think for your pack! SW is the best by far,i have lost over a stone with it in about 14 week!!! good luck!!

  3. rococo said :

    check out the slimmingword website for current prices and offers

  4. janette said :

    Hi, I’ve just joined Slimming World as online member as I live in Spain. are there any other online members who live in Spain who would like to get in touch for support, chat , ideas etc.

  5. carly said :

    off to my first slimming world meeting this morning i have so much weight to lose i hope i can reach my target soon because i am fed up of being stuck in this prison of a body

  6. rukos07j said :


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