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What the difference between the cambridge diet and slimming fast?

I have tried slimming world and keept 10 lb off but i would like to lose more. I know i have a under active thyroid gland that may slow my weight lose alot but if i was to use either one of these diets which one is better and what really is the difference? Both use three replacement meals? thanks

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5 Responses to “What the difference between the cambridge diet and slimming fast?”

  1. Alicia said :

    You can alternate both. I did and lost 55 pounds. Do 6 weeks of the Cambridge diet, then switch to Slim fast. It works!

  2. Lamb said :

    The Cambridge Diet is a Very Low Calorie (VLC) diet where the participant will eat only around 400 calories a day. It is very expensive as it requires a personal ‘mentor’ or counsellor and for the length of the program you can eat only what they sell you. 3 powdered soups/shakes a day.

    Slim Fast requires two meals with Slim Fast replacement shakes, bars or pasta and one healthy meal totalling around 1200 calories a day. Many find Slim Fast hard to stick to as it is high in simple carbs and so some find they have a rush and a crash in energy levels.

  3. Wonderwoman said :

    Cambridge Diet is very low in calories i.e. approx 600 ish a day. I’m not an advocate for either Cambridge Diet or Slim Fast and believe that sensible eating and exercise is a far better way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. Both of these plans can be expensive so be prepared to shell out. Also be aware that fast weight loss / starvation diets cause your body to go into starvation mode and so the body stores its fat so you end up losing nothing but water. Also watch out that you don’t end up with gallstones as rapid weight loss / fasting can be a contributing factor. Trust me, I know as I am 5 days post op for exactly this issue so I know what I’m talking about! Be sensible, everything in moderation and have fun, good luck I wish you well in whatever you decide 🙂

  4. Iknowthisone said :

    I,ll bet those fad/hokey diet thing,s are all pretty much the same. They separate you from some of your money when if you really want to lose weight you need to cut back on calories and junk food for a while and eat healthier. But we tend to put our faith in junk diet’s instead, don’t believe it just look at the people around you.

  5. Suzie Murphy said :

    Gosh i would say neither. I had a thryoid problem and really struggled to lose weight. My friend told me about sureslim. Didn’t know anything about it before but now i can’t recomend it enough! It has changed my life and am now on a lower dose of medicine. i think because it is a medical prod i would go wth them as they have docs that can help.


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