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Which is the best between Weight Watchers and Slimming World?

I go to Weight Watchers and I like it. There are lots of successful people and I noticed that lots at the meeting former Slimming World members trying Weight Watchers. I was wondering if lots of former WW changed to slimming world.
Obviously I know the Weight Watchers plans and they can be followed at home but for some it never works doing it home alone and the meetings help.
How Does Slimming World work and would it be easy for me to follow a Slimming World diet without been a member. How does it all work
I have already lost a lot of eight almost 2 stone however I just wanted to compare the 2 healthy eating plans and maybe try a test witha month following weight watchers and a month following Slimming World and see which provides me with the best weight loss

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9 Responses to “Which is the best between Weight Watchers and Slimming World?”

  1. Susan S said :

    To lose weight, a person has to reduce the calorie intake by some amount by modifying their diet. A diet without sufficient nutrients will only increase the appetite of the person trying to lose weight. Since most people combine a diet with an exercise plan, additional nutrients are required for the growth of muscles required to increase the metabolic rate required for long term weight loss. More information available at

  2. HarryBore said :

    6 and two threes really.

    The process is similar for both, the key determining factor is teh people who attend! Its the support aspect that motivates people to get rid of weight, as there are hundreds of wasy of eating healthily.

    Go to both and figure out which one you like better,, which has abetter vibe and nicer atmosphere.

    Whichever you choose, its you that is making the change and improving you life for yourself.

    Good luck and happy slimming!

  3. mishnbong said :

    The best thing to do would be to go to slimming world once, and get all the paperwork and then try iy it. You don’t need to go back again if you don’t like it

  4. Lynne H said :

    I always find Weight Watchers is the best, and believe me, I have tried them all.

  5. Kerrence said :

    In my opinion, I thought Slimming World was better than Weight Watchers for the actual diet as you can eat however much you want of various things each day. Instead of limiting the amount of food it limits the type of food but still leaves you many many options. Both clubs have meetings so encourage you in that respect if that is what you need to help. Unfortunately, I always find it difficult once I have lost weight to maintain the weight loss whilst eating normal food and I think Weight Watchers are slightly easier to follow in the maintenance side of things.

  6. Semper Nox said :

    I just started WW last week and I chose it because it promotes normal healthy eating without restrictions. What I’ve heard of SW is that they have the red day, green day thing where some days you eat protein and other you don’t, the same with carbs. That just sounds too faddy to me. Healthy eating has to be a lifestyle change rather than something you do for a while to lose weight. I just have the impression that WW promotes that more effectively.

  7. sally said :

    Weightwatchers is the better of the two. I believe that Slimming World encourages binge-eating, albeit on healthy food, but unlimited amounts of food is not helpful. I put weight on when I did Slimming World!! Unlimited pasta’n’sauce packs the pounds on!!!

  8. sact said :

    hey ya Hun! I have tyred both and I really like weight watchers I went to slimming world and didn’t get on with it because you have to weigh so of food out and i didn’t have time!
    I really like weight watchers I made loads of Friends and I have lost some weight not much but i feel great i lost 9lb in the first two weeks i am only 17 and i really enjoyed it good luck and all the best

  9. cheeselweasel said :

    I’ve been to both and lost weight successfully at both (put it back on again now though!). I found that it’s a personal taste thing as SW was less restrictive in terms of the quantity of food, but more restrictive for eating out etc. WW I did feel hungry and didn’t like counting points but it was easier to have a “normal” meal.
    I think WW do a free choice thing – can’t remember the name now, which is similar to SW, so it might be worth looking into that as well.


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