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What is the science behind Slimming World?

How is it possible to lose weight on Slimming World when you eat so much what is the dietary science behind it
I lost 5 and 1/2 pounds last week and all i did was eat!!

an example of what i ate is:-
for breakfast i had scrambled egg and bacon on toast with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, then for lunch i had jacket potato with beans and salad, then dinner pasta with passatta, garlic, chilli flakes and basil (3 smallish bowls usually ).
Plus loads of fruit all day long.
How does it work!?!?!

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3 Responses to “What is the science behind Slimming World?”

  1. Abe R said :

    the science is the law of thermodynamics.

    even though you are constantly eating all day, your calorie intake seems to have been less than your energy output hence the weight loss.

    by the way, there are no majic diets or pills out there.

    it always come down to the law of thermodynamics.

  2. daisydora said :

    Slimming World is based on the fact that you can eat lots of food that is high in density in relation to its energy levels. This means you can eat lots of food such as pasta, rice or potatoes (on a green day) or lots of lean meat (on an original day) as it fills you up for relatively few calories. Although these foods do contain more calories than say vegetables (which are also unlimited) they tend to fill you up more and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Other foods that are high in calories such as high fat or sugar products will leave you feeling hungrier sooner.
    The more of the ‘free’ foods you eat then the less of food that contains ‘syns’ you will want to eat. So you overall energy (calorie) intake will be lower.
    Increasing exercise will also speed up your weight loss.

  3. dieting slimming said :

    It’s all about eating a balanced diet. Dieting and slimming should not be about starving yourself Just eat a sensible amount of good food, do some exercise and you WILL loose weight.


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