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How much cardio is needed to lose fat and gain muscle?

My BMI is 25. So to gain muscle and lose fat (I want to be at BMI range 18.5-24.9 ), how much cardio should I ideally do and for how long? I usually do 10 min of jogging, but I’m not sure if this will affect gaining muscle or losing fat.
So I do weigtlifting to gain muscle and cardio (for about 10) to lose fat.

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One Response to “How much cardio is needed to lose fat and gain muscle?”

  1. WiiMaster said :

    25 BMI is close to obese, isn’t it? I could be mistaken. Either way, it’s time for a change. Here’s a 6 day workout routine for you. Mon, wed, Fri. Lift for 30-45 minutes, alternating upper and lower body each different day. after that, jog as many laps around the gym as you can. bring a stop watch. then finish the rest of the time on an eliptical machine, until you reach 30 minutes total. Summary: 30-45 lifting, 30 minutes of cardio

    Tues, thurs. sat. walk on a treadmill at 3.5 mph and a 0.5% incline. this will cause more calorie burning.

    Sundays: play video games.

    follow this and you will shed the pounds.


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