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How can I work out and lose fat but not gain too much muscle?

I have a lot of muscle because I play softball and basketballbut I want to lose a little bit of weight because I look big with all the muscle. Ive tried a number of workouts but I feel like it’s just making my muscles more tense and bigger. Please help.

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7 Responses to “How can I work out and lose fat but not gain too much muscle?”

  1. Michael said:

    If you do not want to gain muscle, then eating less would be your best bet.

  2. Max T said:

    It’s MOSTLY in your diet. Eating lots of protein and carbohydrates can increase muscle gain after working out. Also, go for cardiovascular activities as opposed to muscle workouts.

    Another thing to remember is that low intensity, high duration cardio workouts is better to lose muscles. If you look at a sprinter, he’s most likely jacked, if you look at a marathon runner, he’s should be really skinny. This is because when you sprint, you’re targeting more muscles at a fast muscle twitch, this leads the muscle to adapt to the fast muscle twitch and grow bigger. When you do long distance running, your muscles will adapt to make you lighter and able to travel a longer distance without using too much energy, that’s why all marathon runners are skinny.

  3. Ernest C said:

    I used to have weight problems. Read about it here

  4. Samantha G said:

    lift small weights. eat right

  5. anna. said:

    Trust me, you don’t want to loose your muscle. But you can make your muscles longer and leaner. All you have to do is about 30 minutes of stretching a day. This includes the splits, its excellent for lengthing your leg muscles. You’ll feel much lighter and smaller. Good Luck 🙂

  6. The Wild Man said:

    Try the Lil Jack workout to get in shape

  7. Fitness Guru said:

    Hmm sounds like either you’re not telling the whole story or someone has told you something wrong. There should be no way that you are packing on muscle from softball and basketball???? That’s … why that’s crazy talk. The pros pack muscle because they have a very intense work out every week.

    If you are looking bulky, it’s all in your diet. That’s the point right there. Now the question is what can you do? If you’re in control of your diet, you can do a lot.

    For reference check out:


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