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How much calories should I be getting daily for fat loss?

I’m 15 and trying to lose fat, and clueless to how much calories I should be taking in on, days I do intense cardio (HIIT) and strength workouts. I was thinking 1500-2000, but was told that was too low.

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8 Responses to “How much calories should I be getting daily for fat loss?”

  1. Carrie O said :

    Go to this website:

    It’s a great free weightloss website. Tons of helpful information on losing weight.

  2. Crazy 4 life said :

    actually thats how much u should get if u have more then that ur just goin to gain weight so u were right.

  3. tsopolly said :

    Try this website. You have to register, but it is totally frre, and based upon the information you type in it will tell you what you need to lose weight. I lost 30lbs wit the support of this site.

  4. Phyllis D said :

    I had a doctor tell me one time that 1200 calories a day is plenty, at that time I was about 19 years old, so it may depend on age, ask your doc.

  5. A N said :

    You give too little information.

    The goal is “500 calories a day less she be provided than are consumed)

    I, for example, being 6’3, with a 60” chest, and 34 years of age, can burn 3500-3700 calories a day.

    You need to look into a “Basal metabolic rate calculator”
    such as the one here.

    You don’t tell us your gender, height, weight, etc.. so, there’s no way for me to give you a precise answer.

    My bmr, if I didn’t excercise at ALL is still over 2500.

  6. kevingp12 said :

    go to a diffrent catogory

  7. Roxanne said :

    I’m impressed by your workouts and ambition. I hope you actually need to lose weight, and are not one of those skinny sick girls trying to get skinnier. Otherwise 1500-2000 sounds about right for weight loss, for a short period of time. You need to remember to feed your body after those demanding workouts. Try frequent small meals and you can modify the calories of each meal. Don’t forget to have enough calories on board when you are studying at school, and doing homework, as your brain needs a constant fuel source too to work well. All that aside, to calculate your true calorie requirement try this site….
    Go girl and be healthy…

  8. Superstar said :

    Clink on this link from and scroll down a bit. There’s a calculator that will estimate the amount of calories that you need.
    Another approach is to used for a few weeks and determing how many calories you are taking in. If your weight remains the same, that tells you the amount of calories you need to eat to keep at that weight.


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