How many calories should I intake daily to get to a healthy weight?

I’m a girl, 16 yrs. old, 5’6”, and 100 lbs. I guess I’m anorexic and I’m so afraid of getting fat. How many calories should I intake daily to obtain a healthy weight? But I really need a good diet plan that doesn’t make me feel guilty about the food I’m eating or otherwise, sadly, I’ll guilt myself into throwing it up. Plus, a good exercise plan would be great. Two years of anorexia with tendancies of bulimia really does literally eat away at your muscles ans sometimes they even give out on me. please help.

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  1. emeraldsnb said:

    doctors reccomend 2000 calories

  2. Kayla said:

    You can go to It’s completely free. I use that site to plan my meals because I am trying to lose weight.
    They will calculate how many calories you need per day based on your height/weight as well as how many nutrients you need every day, and they will plan your meals accordingly so you can be healthy.
    I commend you for wanting to get into a healthier lifestyle. Best of luck to you.

  3. toofavorable said:

    The last I read it was1500 per day. I use to be heavy but I lost weight and it was by starving myself it was because of how much I ate 1 meal a day between the hours of 12 and 6pm 8 glasses of water a day and I went from238 to 145 in 3 months and that was 14 years ago not to mention the fact that I have 5 teenage children also so think about that

  4. Becky R said:

    You need to gain anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds, depending on your body structure, to be at a healthy weight. I know I need to eat about 1500 calories a day to lose enough weight to get back to a healthy size for me. I am the same height but overweight. I would guess that you need to eat 1600-1800 calories a day to get back to a good weight for you. Look in to whether there are any local support groups for people with anorexia and bulimia near you. As a fat person I can tell you, there are worse things in life! Dr Phil had two women with anorexia on his show the other day. Look on his website to see if there are any helpful ideas. Good luck an focus on your health!

  5. Iraqvet said:

    Sounds like your weight issue is really all in your head. You need to work on that first, before starting a diet of any kind. I suggest buying a book about anorexia and reading it.

    As you said, it’s not healthy. You may look the way you want, but youre not really happy with yourself.
    Anorexia doesnt just eat away at your muscles, it does a number of things to bone mass, hormones, skin problems, and your immune system.

    After youve done the right thing and consulted your doctor, and educated yourself about anorexia and bolemia. Then it time for your diet. Proteins are very important to your growth and the growth of your cells, as are many vitamins and minerals. Meats that arent high in fat and cholestorol, like turkey and other processed meats would be great to consume and digest.

    Youre 16. You are not finished growing yet. Starting a healthy diet not, will grow you into the beatiful woman that you expect to be.

  6. theoriginal0003 said:

    Ok first “throwing up” is not a natural process to use calories. You have pro bally have little or no fat at that height and weight.
    And muscle is not fat. Don’t mistake one for the other. I think a weight of 116 lbs would be healthy and sexy for a height of 5’6″.
    how to get to that weight? First don’t “throw up” if you are feeling guilty about eating to much do something like exercise that is a natural process of calorie use.
    Here is an activity calculator for calories.
    A persons weight can fluctuate almost 5 lbs daily so you just want to keep it in a comfortable range. you might weigh 115 lbs one morning and that evening weigh 118 lbs but it is nothing to worry about cause the next morning you will be weighing 115 lbs with out doing anything but going to the bathroom. So you do not need to throw up!

    How much calories in take you need depends on your activity.To gain weight you just need to intake more than you put out if you are going to gain weight. I think you need 3500 calories = 1 lbs
    So if you are going to watch you calorie input and want to gain a pound a week I would add 500 calories a day to what you put out. What is 500 calories- a big protein shake or protein bar.

    People with this condition usually imagine that they are fat, so you need a REAL system to calculate the state of your health.
    See a doctor
    good luck, and remember muscle is not fat.

  7. Erin said:

    I know how you feel I’m now 19 and i come from a family who suffers from eating disorders. It’s not easy. No one understands unless they have had one. You have to ease yourself into a healthy diet you know the foods that make you feel like you have eaten “light” and the foods that make you feel “heavy” avoid the heavy foods for now (so you don’t vomit) and keep a journal of the food you eat and the calories you take in. It’s up to YOU to build up to 1200 or 1500 calories you can’t just take that in all in one day. its too much. work up to it. it took me 3 years to over come my disorder. you can do it too. Good luck and don’t listen to some of these other people that don’t understand. 🙂

  8. bora_bora_22 said:

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