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how many calories should you eat a day in order to loose weight quickly?

heloo im on a diet and hope to achieve results quickly as its my wedding in a month and i am a size 10 hoping to fit into my size 8 dress

how many calories should i eat a day to achieve results fast?

so far today iv eaten around 600 or 700…

thanks help would be much appreciated


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6 Responses to “how many calories should you eat a day in order to loose weight quickly?”

  1. Sufi said :

    but it depends on your height/weight etc.
    exercise will also help a lot to use up calories

  2. C729 said :

    As few as you can and then you also need to exercise.

    If you can drink more water and try eating some soup it will sometimes help curb the hunger.

    Good luck! Try to remember that it’s about the marriage and not about the wedding!

  3. Sai2301 said :

    its lose,not loose!add some cardio and toning workouts too and see the excess fat have to eat more food,esp fruits,veggies and lean meats…

  4. skeptical said :

    If you want to loose weight just take off your girdle.

    If you want to lose weight, try Body for Life. Eating only 600 or 700 calories a day is HARMING you, and you WILL gain that weight back, and MORE, when you start eating again.

  5. itsoktolikeMcFLY said :

    2000 calories is the ideal amount for an average female, as you are already a healthy weight i wouldnt advise eating less that 1800.

    eating fresh, healthy foods to make a well balanced diet and taking regular exercise is the best way to loose weight. aerobic exercise is best, activities such as cycling, jogging or swimming.

    if you dont get enough calories a day your body starts to think its being malnourished which results in your metobolic rate decreasing. this basically means you’ll start to burn calories slower.

    good luck 🙂

  6. Michael S said :

    It pretty much depends on your daily calorie intake. For instance if you consume 1500 calories a day, then you need to lower that to say 1000 calories a day. Add in some cardio and you should be fine.


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