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How many calories should daily in order to lose weight?

I’m 15 year old male, and I want to lose weight. The thing is, I want to eat fewer calories to lose weight, but enough to get through my high-intensity training excercises. I was thinking 1500 Calories daily. What do you think?

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11 Responses to “How many calories should daily in order to lose weight?”

  1. oceanlady580 said :

    i am on a low calorie diet now and my dietitian has a meal plan set up for me at 1800 calories for you it would be 2000

  2. Tim C said :

    Well, I lost 65 pounds by sticking as close as possible to 2000 a day. But my job in a machine shop is fairly physical. 1500 a day should cause you to lose weight if you are remaining physically active, just be sure to eat enough to be able to sustain your body.

  3. chromepie said :

    about 1500-2000. If you’re losing more than 2 pounds a week, increase your calorie intake. 2 pounds per week is the healthiest way to lose weight. exercise daily as well

  4. KANDY_GIRL said :

    you said the proper calories i go to bally and i no thats about a good amount but you have to walk and drink water too

  5. canary said :

    depends on your height too. 1500-2000 should do it. toward the less if you’re shortish.

  6. trainer53 said :

    For you 2000 would be more realistic. If you’re doing some high intensity training you’ll need carbs, so be sure to include these into your routine.

  7. pretty7 said :

    This plan really worked for me so here goes,
    If you are serious about losing weight, the calories in the food you eat should be less than the energy you use. You will have to increase your metabolic rate now, and plan your diet carefully.
    Formulate your own weight loss plan and you will lose weight faster. More details available at

    Good luck

  8. Jess payne said :

    helloo 🙂 i would like to know how many calories a 65+ male and female should intake daily, i am doing a health and social care project and google won’t give me answers 😐 thanks very much leanne 🙂

  9. Jess payne said :


  10. Jess payne said :

    It’s okay, sound it now 🙂

  11. lauren burton said :

    hello jess 1905 fofr women and 2550 for menm btw’ u sound fit what ur number 🙂


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