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How much weight loss if I eat 500 calories a day and jog for an hour a day?

I am 5ft6 and weight 60kg, and I want this to be a long term diet, so please don’t say when you eat normally you’ll gain it all back. Please be nice, and just give your estimations.

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13 Responses to “How much weight loss if I eat 500 calories a day and jog for an hour a day?”

  1. Beth said :

    you will die if you did this for the rest of your life. seriously, your body needs more calories just to function. that is really unhealthy, you will feel like shit and look like shit. sorry for being harsh, but i just dont want you to ruin your life and die! be healthy and happy! xx 🙂

  2. angelina_026 said :

    500 calories a day is called malnutrition. You will develop some sort of problem and die if you only eat that much.

    1300 calories a day is much more realistic for somebody who’s trying to lose weight.

    There’s a difference between a healthy way to lose weight, and an eating disorder… 500 calories a day would be an eating disorder.

  3. melody said :

    You are the ideal weight for your height.

    If you do that for a short you will lose a lot of weight.
    If you continue that diet for long but you will deprive your body of vital nutrients and become very ill.

    However if you want to lose a little weight, like 2-3 kgs eating 1800 kcals and excercising for an hour 4 times a week should do the trick.

  4. mrsh said :

    WOW! 500 calories?? No way you can do that long term.
    you will be feeling tired all the time and wondering why you keep getting headaches. It’s just not gonna work.

  5. mom of 3 said :

    I don’t think you can live on only 500 calories a day. You would probably loose weight however you may have to be admitted to the hospital for malnutrition. you could easily loose weight if you eat at least 1500 calories and run too. Try just eating healthy thing like veggies and cut out all whites.. Hope thins helps

  6. hotrodcamarofoot said :

    As a nutritionest I can tell you that if your goal is to loose body fat you need to consume more meals in a day 5 or more to increase your metabolism and thats sure as hell more then 500 calories at that rate the only significant loos you will be experiencing is muscle loss, just eat plenty of protein and cut back on the carbs and fat, and the sugesstion is not to do more then 45 min of cardio per session because it could harm your joints. Good luck!

  7. Adreanna A said :

    Okay, You are insane. You cannot eat less than 1100 calories a day or your body will go into starvation mode, therefore, you won’t be able to lose weight! Also, you’re waaaay too skinny to lose weight! If you do, you’ll look anorexic and malnurished! You need to actually gain some weight! I’d reccomend whey protein powder. Put a scoop in your milk twice a day, or make a protein shake with it for a snack. As a girl, I thought it would make me look too buff, but it didn’t at all. It actually made me look healthier overall, and same for you.

  8. x_sammii_jo_x said :

    You wil burn 300 calories just from the jogging.

    No need for the 500 calories at least 1200 is healthy thats is the lowest any1 can go before there metablism starts to slow down!!!

    If you eat 1200 cals and burn 300 cals a day you could loose 2-3lbs a week aslong as you eatright balanced things (look at the food plate that will give you idea of a balanced meal.

    ALso drink 2-3 litresof water a day.


  9. Martyn said :

    You will lose weight for sure… but you’ll have no life left, no nothing. – literally. You will waste away and die because your body is literally eating itself.

    If you’re 5’6 and 60kg, that’s the normal weight for your height – just stay as you are!

  10. ♪ classified said :

    It sounds easy, but believe me you simply will not be able to only eat 500 calories a day, I’ve tried it.
    If you’re that desperat to lose weight fast, aim to eat around 1000calories a day but make sure you cut out ALL junk food – no chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, fast food, chips etc. (I’m doing this at the moment.)

  11. SODOMY is GAY said :

    i eat 400-800 calories a day and cycle for around 90mins and walk about 90mins too, it loses around 3lb/4lb a week

    if u rly want to work it out then i use this fomular~
    BMR (basic metabolic rate) mine is 1300 a day so i add 500 for the general movin around in the day = 1800

    my exercise – 1300

    times it by 7 for the week = 21700

    take away how many u eat (500 times 7) 3500

    equals 18200

    a pound of fat is 3500 cals worth so divide your calories u have left over u burnt off by 3500

    thats how i work it out, google around u will leanr about lots

    ur diet will take loads of will-power but u will feel so gd for it

    good luck! x

  12. reys said :

    you wont have any energy to go running, and definatly not to do this long term

  13. Hari H said :

    For example, if you figured your maintenance level to be 3000 calories per day, you would now start eating 2500 calories per day instead. It’s really as easy as it sounds. Just subtract 500 from your daily maintenance level and then start eating this new amount of calories each day. By doing so, you would officially be in a calorie deficit. And, as you know, a calorie deficit is what makes weight loss happen.


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