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Any ideas roughly how many calories I should be consuming for weight loss?

I’m 22, 5’2″ and weigh 125lbs. I’d like to lose 10lbs.

Currently I consume no more than 1350 calories per day, in healthy low-carb foods, and am fairly active. I do studio cycling twice a week, aerobics twice a week, swimming on Sundays and a 4 mile walk at least three times a week on top of my usual daily activity.

Does anyone know roughly what my ideal calorie range would be for weight loss, without sending my body into starvation mode?

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5 Responses to “Any ideas roughly how many calories I should be consuming for weight loss?”

  1. sehjal s said:

    It would be best if u consume the same amount of calories but try to 6 times a day. A cereal bar also counts. try to let ur body keep working(digesting food, which will help burn more calories) Try not to eat 1-2 times a day and just eat till ur full. Smaller meal plans.

  2. Ladonna L said:

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  3. =^_^= said:

    Below 1500 is already pretty low, even though you’re a petite woman and don’t need to eat much, you are exercising so I wouldn’t go below 1500.

    If you’re not losing weight it may be because your body’s metabolism is so healthy that it’s resisting any weight fluctuations. Also, many people fail to measure out the correct proportions of food (they think a “serving” is how much they eat in a sitting, when really it’s probably a lot smaller than that) so you may be miscounting your calories. Also, people don’t count calories in their drinks. Milk, juice, soda, coffee with cream/sugar, etc. all have calories. Make sure you’re counting your calories right.

    Also, drink LOTS of water for weight loss. Water flushes out the bad from your system, acts as a mild appetite supressent, and has no calories and helps your metabolism burn more calories!

  4. *Protecting-Those-In-Need* said:

    1000 to 1200 would be pushing it, why don’t you just make a little change in what you eat, and it would be better then starving yourself, because you really do gain weight back and more.

  5. CtetMoi said:

    Your BMI is 22
    Your Resting Metabollic Rate is 1380.

    How much protein do you eat, that’s the key to losing fat.

    You should be eating 73g of protein per day.

    Then eat the right amount of protein, reduce your calorie intake 500 below your RMR and research shows you will lose 2lbs of FAT per week.

    Best to eat 4 – 6 small meals per day.

    Exercise wise, you need to do 3 20 mins sessions per week. Choose your machine, running, rowing etc. Do 5 mins at a gentle pace, then up your pace each minute for the next 4 mins, repeat this cylce. Then the last 2 mins the gentle pace to warm down.

    Combine these you’ll burn fat and shape up.


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