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how much of daily fat intake is needed for weight loss?

I’m running and walking on the treadmill daily for weight loss.

I’m trying to determine how much of chicken breast is good for me. so, one of them seems to have about 4.5g fat.

how much is the healthiest fat intake?

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3 Responses to “how much of daily fat intake is needed for weight loss?”

  1. Pudding Queen said :

    The main thing you should worry about is calories. There are lots of diet websites that show you how many calories you should be eating a day to lose the weight. try

  2. Jamie said :


  3. no13qb said :

    good for you trying to lose weight, check with your Dr. I know it seems to be the pat answer, he is still the best one to ask. Iam prediabetic and was losing weight but my blood glucose (sugar) would get out of whack causing lightheadedness. I thought it was cause I was not eating enough. I went to Dr a blood test came back off a little we adjusted my diet now losing more weight and no more dizzy spells


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