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How many calories in one once of chocolate?

A pound of chocolate has about 9000 calories…There are 4500 calories in half a pound, there are 2250 calories in a fourth of a pound, and 1125 calories in an 8th of a pound. So how many calories are only in one once of chocolate?

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One Response to “How many calories in one once of chocolate?”

  1. Ed said :

    First of all, assuming the figures you cite here are correct–and that’s a big if–one ounce is one-sixteenth of a pound, and would contain 563 calories

    I don’t know where you found chocolate like this though. A 1.5 oz bar of Hershey’s chocolate contains 230 calories. A 1.4 oz serving of Hershey’s Kisses–nine pieces–contains 230 calories. Pretty nearly the same here. One ounce of plain milk chocolate contains about 150 calories.

    Not all chocolates have the same amount of calories, but 150 calories per ounce would be a much closer estimate than the 563 calories from your example.

    By the way, if you have a weakness for chocolate–as most of us do–dark chocolate is much healthier. I have posted a link to a site below which details some of the health benefits of eating dark chocolate.


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