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How Many Calories does SplenIa Have once you start using a large amount?

I know a serving of Splenda has 0 calories, but how many calories does a cup have? When do calories start to add up when using Splenda?

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4 Responses to “How Many Calories does SplenIa Have once you start using a large amount?”

  1. TX2step said :

    anything times 0 is still 0 ……

  2. ~Bow Chika Wow Wow~ said :

    Silly it is ZERO and always be ZERO. I love Splenda!!!

  3. MontrealJulia said :

    If you go to the Splenda website and read up on it, it seems to say that it meets the regulations for ‘No Calorie Sweetener’ PER SERVING because the caloric value is negligible per serving – it does not actually have 0 calories. In large enough quantities, it will start having caloric value.

    The side effects of consuming large quanitites of this product are undetermined; some studies say it promotes weight gain, some say the opposite. Read up on the studies through Google Scholar.

    It’s important to remember that just because something says “Fat Free” or “Calorie Free” doesn’t mean it literally has none of the above… labelling guidelines mean that something that has ‘less than X amount can be called ___ Free’

  4. Mychale MacBheathain said :

    My wife works for the company that makes Splenda and yep, zero is zero cals.


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