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How many calories do you burn swimming a mile freestyle moderately?

I keep hearing so many different things. I have a crosstrainer that I can burn about 700 calories in 35 minutes, but I wanted to start swimming and wanted some calorie stats.

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3 Responses to “How many calories do you burn swimming a mile freestyle moderately?”

  1. roshan_dutta said :

    per hour, you burn like 700 doing fast freestyle. You burn 540 or so doing light. In swim practice, I burn like a couple thousand in two hours because of one big thing: Speed changes and stroke changes. E.G. you’ll burn a lot more calories if you do 10 50 butterflies (sprint) at 50 seconds each, and then swim two 500s of freestyle (moderate) than if you just swim freestyle at a moderate pace for 1500-2000 meters.
    You can burn a lot more calories by swimming a lot less and switching between sprinting and long distance.

    AND DONT SWIM TO LOSE WEIGHT OR YOU’RE AN IDIOT! SWIMMING MAKES YOUR FAT BE REPLACED BY MUSCLE, WHICH IS HEAVIER!!!!!!!!!! though you will look slimmer, and not bulky at all 😉

  2. Niky-Nick[s] said :

    i agree

  3. Toning Girl said :

    Swimming is a high intensity cardio exercise. Yes, becos it’s a high intensity one, it burns quite a number of calories in an hr session.

    I’ve written a page on the calories burned swimming here; all the stats are available:

    Have a read.


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