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How many calories did I burn at tumbling?

I take a one hour tumbling class three days a week. In it, we are in continuous motion, either doing roundoffs, cheerleading jumps, or back handsprings. At the end of the hour, we finish with 25 push ups & 25 crunches. Any estimates on how many calories I burn per session?
I weigh around 125 lbs., and I also do 30 minutes of cardio every night.

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One Response to “How many calories did I burn at tumbling?”

  1. trainerclark101 said :

    Well your obviously a female but I do not know how much you weigh which is a big factor.
    For a tumbling class for a 130lb female probably about 250 calories

    Tumbling is decent muscle conditioning but it is no where near as good as running for cardio and calorie burning


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