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How many calories would you burn with a 2 hour cheer practice?

I practice everyday for 2 hours and about 15 minutes of that is stretches, including a 3 minute non stop jog. Then we basically stunt and go through our rountine constantly. How many calories do you think that would be burning?
I guess I should add that i weigh about 140. and Im 5’2

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5 Responses to “How many calories would you burn with a 2 hour cheer practice?”

  1. F. G said :

    It depends how much you weight, how much is your body fat and how much is your heart rate

  2. i_love_ dancing said :

    thats accually kind of hard for me to figure out since i dont no your routine and moves and stunts. i never thought aboutt hat in dacne class. thats accually an interesting question. but i would ask a coach or somethign. or find a way to fingure it out through math! it accually depends alot on your weight and heart rate and alot of other factors. sry i couldnt really help all that much but i wish you luck!!

  3. chris b said :

    I would say 712

  4. WINGS said :

    You can look up a counter via google and when your heart rate is up to target rate you stop take your pulse count it for like 30 seconds and divide it some how with your body weight and time you have been or will be working out. I used to know how but I don’t remember the calculations any more. You can probably find it one on google.

  5. damoriana said :

    i do cheer practice three day a week for about 3 hours and i burn about 30000 calories per week yes its a lot of work to do but its worth it if you have the spirit and the courage and the right body built for it


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