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How many calories does standing on your tip toes burn?

I’ve heard it can be about 100 calories a minute, but that sounds like way too many.

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5 Responses to “How many calories does standing on your tip toes burn?”

  1. jeffach said :

    very few. You dont even burn 100 cals a minute running

  2. Steve Mcqueen said :

    That’s totally accurate. Standing up burns 70 – 80 calories by its self. If you stand on your toes that goes way up to far over 100.

  3. Aubrie said :

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  4. Watching it all fall!!!! said :

    .0000000000000000003 or sometihning.

    Calories are burned kind of slow.

    I burn 400-600 running on a eplitical at 7-8mph for 1 hour

  5. Rof said :

    Probably not many. One of the best calorie burners is simply climbing stairs.
    Climbing stairs for 20 minutes will burn more calories than playing tennis for 20 min’s!


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