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How many calories do i need to burn to loose 5kgs?

My weight is currently 53kg, how many calories do i need to burn a day to loose 5kgs without starving myself.

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7 Responses to “How many calories do i need to burn to loose 5kgs?”

  1. William T said :

    I heard that 1,000 calories burned is one pound lost, so that would mean 2,200 calories per kilogram. So you would have to burn 11,000 more calories than you consume. You can do this safely by eating a balanced, healthy diet of about 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day and exercising so that your caloric output is about 3,000 a day. Good luck.

  2. earlpurple0 said :

    Are you actually overweight? How tall are you?

    It’s not about what you burn so much as what you eat, but exercise will raise your metabolic rate so you will burn calories quicker, even when you are not exercising.

    Also what you actually want to burn is fat, not muscle. Thus you should combine muscle-strengthening exercises with cardio-vascular exercises.

    Then it is about eating the right kind of foods. Ensure you get enough protein. Cut down on the unhealthy foods, i.e. the amount of fat you use, use artificial sweetener instead of sugar, eat wholemeal rather than white bread, etc. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry and ensure you do eat when you are.

  3. DEEP said :

    think about calories displaced… eat fewer calories AND increased activity. 5kg is about 11lbs. 3500 calories (above your normal metabolic rate) to burn just 1 extra lb.

    That means you must displace about 38,500 calories to lose 5kg.

    Think about how much you eat and move around or work out each day. Eat less and work out more. If you dont want to starve yourself, it just takes time OR you must workout like a demon to burn extra calories.

    So say, on average, you normally eat 2,000 calories a day but only burn 1800 calories a day. Every time that extra 200 calories accumulates to 3500, you gain a lb (about 18days), or about 20lbs a year. To loose 20lbs a year you must burn more than you eat.

  4. Nick F said :

    Over 9,000!

  5. lifeplayer said :

    To loose 5 kg, total 17500 calories need to be burn.
    Suggest do 30 minutes rope skipping daily will helps to burn 400 calories. Mean you can loose 5 kg in one and half month.
    Of coure, you need to control your daily food within the normal calories which is about 2000 calories

  6. danyelzon said :

    if you want to loose weight quickly I advise you to eat healthy, so … I suggest you to start assuming about 1200 kcal daily, it means that the limit of 1200 should be never trespassing.

    the the typical food of 1200 kcal daily can be:

    1: Breakfast: a cup of skimmed milk with a fruit (like apple or banana), or fruit shake with a half glass of whole milk.

    2: Lunch: green salad and not fried fish or a piece of cheese and sandwich with a fruit you like (try to avoid fried foods, animal fats or hydrogenated fats called Trans fats).

    3: dinner: similar respect lunch, you can change and choose a different foods day by day, for example if you eat oneday for lunch boiled fish and rich salad day next change in oven potatoes and cooked vegetables with cheese you should end with fruit you like.

    Note* = if you want to have a snack you can eat some hours after dinner something like whole yogurt (125g) or a fruit like apple or other. the important is to have at maxium 4 meals daily (included snack). this modality involve about 11001200 Kcal daily. the important is to choose what you eat day by day and avoid fried foods and foods contain many Ecodes (additives like E250 E340 and others) food additives slower your digestion, just look up:

    I wish that my advises can help yuo…. 😉

  7. Betty B said :

    You’re right, don’t starve yourself or your metabolism will just slow down (when your body goes into the starvation mode) and it will be very hard for you to lose any weight after that.

    You should eat as much as your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which, in your case is 1,175 calories.
    (for women it’s the weight in kg x 7.18 + 795).
    (for men it’s the weight in kg x 10.2 + 879).

    Assuming that you don’t eat more than your BMR, for each kilograms of fat reserve you would like to lose, you would have to use about 7,700 calories (= 3,500 calories per pounds).
    So 5kgs would be about 38,500 calories of exercising.

    Aim for about ½ kg every week (or a pound). The slower you lose it, the better (11 weeks)
    It’s 500 calories of exercising every day.

    You can also do 250 calories of exercising every day (22 weeks = 5 months), again…the slower, the better.

    Also be aware that if you weigh 53kg and lose 5kg, then you’d be 48kg (105lbs) and your height should then be 5’4″ or less (1m62) or you’d be too thin.

    William is wrong. It’s not 1,000 calories per pound (I wish!), it’s 3,500.


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