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How many calories should i consume to gain muscle and burn fat?

Im 14 years old 5’5 and 122 lbs and i wanted to know how many calories should i consume per day to gain muscle and lose fat if im going to do weights 3 times a week and cardio everyday. Can i eat bread if im trying to get a six pack?can i eat potatoes?it would be a great help and THNX!

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3 Responses to “How many calories should i consume to gain muscle and burn fat?”

  1. sheldonbest1 said :

    How may calories you eat depends on your goals. Typically the guideline is 10-20 calories per pound of body weight depending on your fitness goals. 10-12 per pound to lose weight and 18-20 per pound to gain it. Factoring in that you will be doing cardio every day, I would recommend at least 20 calories per pound of body weight. At 122 lbs, that equals 2440 calories. I would start there and evaluate where you are in about 8 weeks. Don’t worry about eating too many carbs. If you’re doing cardio every day and weights three times a week, you’re going to burn a lot of calories. If you really want to gain muscle and lose fat, I would cut the cardio down to about 3 days per week. Over training does more harm than good.

  2. Bob said :

    calories is not your problem my friend. To gain muscle: lots of protein. to lose fat: eat healthy food. do not skip out on food because you are growing and your body needs it. Just eat bannanas/ apples/ veggies. everything your parents always told you was good for you. and drink Tons of water!!!!

    hope everything works out for you! good luck =]

  3. Andreas said :

    I would stick with 2500 calories per day consisting of mainly whole food proteins! Watch the carbs:)


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