How many calories should I consume per day?

I would like to lose at least 2-3 pounds per week. I am currently weighing around 138 pounds, and i am 5’4. I usually workout on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes per day. So around how many calories would i be able to eat everyday?

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  1. reedbrandon3 said:

    google “caloric intake calculator”

  2. Marie said:

    I would say around 1400, but it really depends on your activity level, metabolism and body type. Do some research online to get more specific information.

  3. yummyyum said:

    I would say about…1,600-2,000 calories each day! Nourish your body with the right foods and you’ll definitely notice results! Good Luck!

  4. Josie said:

    if you work out everyday and you weigh that much than its probably just muscle no matter how many calories you eat you wont loose any weight.

  5. Girl Next Door said:

    If you’re twenty years old, then you should at least be eating 1462.1 calories a day in order to sustain your life and keep your body functioning. (Here’s the link:

    I’m thinking somewhere between 1500 – 1900 calories per day, so you function normally and still lose weight. Only lose 2 pounds a week max, and keep your goals within reachable distance.

    Here’s a website, if you want one: should sort out the rest for you; I’ve been trying to gain weight the past few months, and they even helped me there, haha. Since you want to cut calories, you’re going to have to register in order to count them, but if you do it manually by yourself by keeping track of your BMR and counting serving size + calories in addition to the calories you lose in 30-45 minutes of light, moderate, or heavy exercise on the treadmill, you should be just fine.

  6. Hi H said:

    here is a calculator that will calculate exactly how many calories you can eat each day! good luck!


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