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How many calories does the average person burn during sex?

I have a friend that is on a diet. She has not been sexually active for 2 months now. She just started up again, and is curious about how many calories she is burning during sex.
Please help me. And any documentations (websites), would be greatly appreciated.

This is an actual question I want answered. Not just some immature teen.

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9 Responses to “How many calories does the average person burn during sex?”

  1. Elisabeth C said :

    I believe it’s 70. It was on E!s Best Beach Bodies special last week.

  2. cupcake said :

    I heard once that its like 500.. but I have no proof. Just one of those things you hear.. haha.

    if you find out, let me know!


  3. Little Miss. Nice Girl <3 said :

    I guess it would depend on how much physical effort you put in. BUt think about it. If you are really into it and you feel like you’re running a marathon, you would be burning a lot of calories. Its all about how much work you do. But,, Im not really sure how many calories.

  4. pink said :

    you burn an average of 150 calories for each half hour of sex also depending on how hard and active u are during it.

    in the summer time you can burn twice that amount

  5. NiceGuyReggie said :

    im not sure but you are working your body when you are having sex so i have to say you burn quite alot of calories

  6. stratdax said :

    It’s different every time. Who is doing the most work – the guy or the girl? How long? How hard? etc etc

  7. AngelDemon said :

    It depends on the postion and how vigorous you are but as a rough guide, an hour of vigorous sex involving girl on top and doggie would burn around 300 cals.

  8. iloveusa said :

    calories in sex : 69
    hehehe this deserves the best answer 🙂

  9. London said :

    Wow, if your friend is so obsessed with dieting that she’s thinking about calories during sex, well…it’s just too late for her.

    Why, is she wondering what is the sugar content of about a spoon of sperm, as well? Because that information is also available.


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