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How many calories do I burn during a length of swimming?

Haiii 🙂 I do 50 lengths of an average size pool and I was wondering how many calories that could be that I’m burning.
I swim on my back, quite fast. I can do about 25 lengths in about 40 minutes.
Does anyone know roughly how many calories that will burn?

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4 Responses to “How many calories do I burn during a length of swimming?”

  1. Camille said :

    If you do vigorous swimming laps, you burn about 350 calories per thirty minutes. In 40 minutes, you would have burned about 446 calories.

  2. academicjoq said :

    You should know that in order to lose one pound of fat you must use 3500 Calories MORE than you eat. If you swim 3000 yards per hour, which is a pretty fast speed, you use 0.077 calories each minute you swim for each pound you weigh. So, if you weigh 200 pounds you use 15.4 calories per minute (200 x 0.077 = 15.4). If you swim slower, you use fewer calories per pound.

    You pointing out that you swim 25 lengths is meaningless as we don’t know how long one length is. If one length is 50m (as they swim in the Olympics) then you are swimming about 1300 yards in 40 minutes which is about 1900 yards per hour. That is, contrary to your thoughts, not very fast. So, you’re using fewer calories than I described. You’d probably have to reduce the number I originally provided to about 0.05 cal/pound of body weight.

    So, if you weigh 150 here is what you are using in calories for each minute that you swim …
    150 x 0.05 = 7.5 calories per minute. You swim for 40 minutes so 40 x 7.5 = 300 calories.

    However, if you are swimming in a typical American high school pool, you’re swimming only about 600 yards in 40 minutes. So, you’d be burning only about 100 calories.

    The bad news is that at those slow speeds, it is more likely that you’re using even fewer calories than I’ve figured out as your resistance and effort change in an exponential or geometric pattern/curve and at your speeds, you’d be very low on that growth curve.

  3. lewieboy said :

    The average person burns 28.3 calories per length

  4. aimee said :

    your swimming really slowly , even if you think your not. i do about 50 lengths in half an hour and ido it FAST soiwould burn 500-600cal
    whereas the “beach wales” around me arnt getting their heart fast enough so they burn VERY few.
    its worth doing if you really push it.if not, theres absolutley no point, your just floating around because the water carrys your weight.


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