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How many calories do you burn during a 30 minute sex session?

Not counting the foreplay, how many calories on average would you burn on a mostly intense 30 minute sex session. I feel just as exhausted as after i jog 2 miles, so am i burning about 300 calories? I couldn’t find many serious answers on the net, so i asked it here. I just started doing some cardio, so i’m trying to figure out how many calories i burn a day.
You can tell me how many for foreplay too if you know what the average is on that.

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8 Responses to “How many calories do you burn during a 30 minute sex session?”

  1. mlgable said :

    It depends on what position you are in and whether you do it fast or slow how long fast and how long slow etc.

  2. Just some dude said :

    Lol, I cant remember the last time I had sex for 30 minutes.

  3. David L said :

    Believe it not, a sexual encounter will burn off around 300 calories. Now, if you are good at it (like me) you can make it last for a while and burn off more. But the average is around 300 calories.

  4. mary kay F said :

    go to this web site and this help u out with what u need.

  5. emjaye said :

    It depends on how much you weigh. If you weigh 130 lbs….about 125 calories. Check out this site…

  6. l r said :

    i heard 750 kj and i think thats about what you mentiond happy calrie burning lol!!!!

  7. Roberto B said :

    It depends on your weight and the amount of exertion involved. But the average is well below 300. More like 160 to 200 Kcal (which means cal for the common usage).
    This isn’t much, considering that you replenish that with only about a cookie and a half!!!
    There are many other more efficient ways (perhaps not as fun) to burn fat, but the best trick is to eat way less carbs, in this manner the hormone glucagon will predominate in the metabolism. When glucagon predominates over insulin a reaction that extracts fat from the cells and transform them into energy is activated. The opposite is also true. When you eat too many simple carbs, the blood becomes full of insulin and consequently the cells will NOT release the fat to be burnt, PERIOD.
    Just try it.

  8. slayer06 said :

    your 2 miles that you ran only burns 300 calories

    just regular sex 300 calories

    foreplay 450 calories

    you got to remember your body heats up real fast in you start to sweat if you have sex slow in not to fast for about 4 hours you can lose up to 1200 to 1600 calories in one night but is not true about the body weight i weight over 300 pounds in still lose up to 300 calories from having sex for 30 minutes
    just explore the differnce parts of the body in take your time


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