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How many calories should I be trying to burn during the day?

Currently I am eating approx. 1,492 calories per day. How many of those calories should I be trying to burn off at the gym to maintian or lose weight?

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5 Responses to “How many calories should I be trying to burn during the day?”

  1. Ximmamrayadj X said :

    eat the sufficient to build a normal and thin body

  2. hopelessromantic86 said :

    You need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. Talk to a nutritionist for help. Just exercise and eat healthy.

  3. emily_brown18 said :

    1492 seems more exact than approximate…

    The average adult burns 1200 calories per day just to live, doing absolutely nothing. If you’re even moderately active, you should be losing weight with your current intake level. You’d have to be a bit on the lazy side to maintain at that level, unless there is something wrong with you/your metabolism.

  4. Emilyshavalavamaha said :

    ur body naturally burns 1200 by doing nothing…u burn the rest off by simply walking and doing normal things!

  5. julianne said :

    You can try one of those online calculators that tells you how many calories you burn per day (according to your weight, gender, age, etc.) then just take at least 500 calories off of that per day either by exercising or eating healthy. Also, try to not drink alcohol while you’re on your diet, and try not to eat right before you go to sleep. Both of those things will help with your metabolism.


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