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How do you get the dedication to lose weight?

I want to lose weight but I am having a hard time staying dedicated to It. No one believes I can lose weight and stick to It, so what’s the best way to stay dedicated to weight loss, especially with food temptations?

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4 Responses to “How do you get the dedication to lose weight?”

  1. Kevin said :

    watch videos of weight loss transformations on youtube to help you get inspired

  2. Perfect Moo said :

    If you really want to, you’ll have the motivation.

    If you’re a pansy about it, you don’t want it bad enough.

  3. floralie90 said :

    i tend to be more dedicated to the gym which is how i control my weight more than food, the gym makes you happier because it release the happy feeling in your body – something like endomorphs – and the more you go the easier it becomes so my dedication comes from that and being able to push myself further each time i go.
    if you are making replacements for foods – apple for a slice of cake – then you can allow yourself a little treat. dont feel bad if you do just move on and do better the next day. the more you say no or have a smaller helping or a few minutes more working out the better it becomes and the dedication will hit you..

    good luck 🙂

  4. Vikki said :

    The answer to this really depends on your personality.

    I would suggest starting a journal for now. Just write in it when you eat, the time you ate, what you ate, how much of each thing, what you drank, how you were feeling when you decided to eat, how you felt as you ate, how you felt after you ate. Do this without changing ANYTHING you normally would do. Just take notes on your own behavior. This lets you think about it. Usually we just go through our day and eat in a hurry or without thinking about it at all. After a week or two or longer, you will see some patterns that maybe aren’t so good, or that you would be willing to change. You wouldn’t even normally notice them, but writing it down and reading it later will open your eyes to some things.

    You can also note any physical activity you did, again not changing anything you would normally do. Just note when you walked (even from the car to the store), when you climbed stairs (how many flights, how winded were you, etc.), when you did housework (dishes burn less calories than vacuuming, but still it is activity). If you take these notes, you will see what is normal for you, and then you will know what is keeping you at the weight you are at now. You will know your baseline activity. If you do less activity you will gain more. If you add activity, you will of course lose some weight. If you add purposeful exercise, you will not only lose some weight, you will tone and build muscle.

    I find I need someone to partner with me, and plan days to meet to walk, swim or otherwise get some exercise. And to check up on my with my eating and drinking habits (not “drinking” like alcohol, but avoiding sugary soda and juice and drinking enough water). If I know someone is likely to ask, or will be waiting for me to show up to do something, I will do it. I am a people pleaser.

    Then there are people who will exercise if they LOVE the activity. Maybe you would love a class like kick-boxing or aerobics. Or maybe you prefer to be more solitary like walking, hiking or biking. Even swimming – that can go either way: alone or with others doing their own thing at a pool, or in a water aerobics class or on a team. I love swimming, and my health insurance will cover a membership at my local YMCA, so I swim when I can make it to the gym.

    Then another thing to think about is music. Is there a kind of music that pumps you up? Motivates you? Keeps you moving like when you are doing housework? My favorite is 80s pop and rock, but anything danceable or upbeat works. I get more done and move more, and more quickly, with music on loud enough to enjoy during the activity.

    If you have no support from family, neighbors and friends, then join something. Weight Watchers, the YMCA, Overeaters Anonymous (if that fits your situation), TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), or other groups that will encourage you and believe in you. Some of their stories will be so much harder than yours, but you will be inspired by their success in spite of whatever they had to go through. Find someone who will be a positive voice in your ears when you need it, or when you succeed they will cheer you on, because we all need that kind of person in our lives.

    Additionally, if you want, I am having a hard time with this issue myself, so we could exchange contact information and be a buddy to each other until you have someone local to help you more than someone online can.

    I wish you great success!!


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